Sunday, February 12, 2012

Grade School Sex Education, Syria, Israel War Speculation, More

What's happening at DBKP?
February 12, 2012

Grade School Sex Education: Experts, Schools Replacing Family, Morals

Grade School Sex Ed

by Liz Kaye

Brokered GOP Convention?, Syria Ready to Blow?, Google vs Mitt Romney?

DBKP Speculation Report

by Mondo Frazier

* Lynn Hughes: NJ Judge Finds Breastfeeding Unrelated to Pregnancy, Childbirth
by Red State Gal

* Two Suns in Russia Photos: Planet X, Niburu, or Optical Illusion?
by LBG

* Whitney Houston Dead, Surreal Details About Whitney’s Last Performance – Video

Love Gone Wrong: Dan's Daily Cartoons

From Love gone Wrong


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