Saturday, September 14, 2013

September 12-13: Prophecy Headlines

Putin Mocks USA - We're in that "drama-building" phase where the media gets everyone ready for what's coming.  Name-calling and taunting is displayed a LOT in this phase.

United Nations will put blame on Assad using circumstancial evidence - Was there ever any doubt?

UN Can't prove Assad ordered chemical weapons attack - Most likely they have evidence it was not Bashar al-Assad who used chemical weapons.  But the headline is written in such a way to make people think it was him nonetheless.

Al-Qaeda chief calls for attacks on USA - Like clockwork...   Do You Know Jesus?

CIA weapons deliveries begin to reach Syrian rebel fighters as Obama announces his preference for diplomacy over military intervention - That such stories are in the Western press mean that Americans are meant to hear and see such stuff.  The real question becomes "To what end are these stories seeing print?"

Russian Warships Go On Offensive In Syria, Await Slightest American Provocation - And the writer of this headline knows what the Russians are thinking or planning?  How?

Why Do the Russians Back Syria? - Where would the drama come from if they didn't?

Slapped Around By Putin, Humiliated Over Snowden, Obama Pivots Back to the Economy While He Escalates the War in Syria -  The further Adventures of President Lightning Rod, Incompetent Undercover Muslim who has accomplished everything his masters have desired and more.

What's the only compensation for Americans who detest the continued the stripping of American jobs, freedoms and sovereignty?  They get to call the latest puppet in the White House names! 

The controlled Corporate Media sits this one out and lets the Corporate Alternative Media take the lead. 

We have become a nation of Archie Bunkers.  Americans have lost their jobs and their futures.  But at least they can glory in calling Obama "Meathead."

To read more: End Times Prophecy Headlines: September 12-13, 2013

by Jeremiah J. Jameson
--with Mondo Frazier

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