Monday, October 29, 2007

Bike Bomb the Latest in Low-Tech Terror

As if car bombs and IEDs weren't enough to worry about, terrorists have a new tool in their arsenal of destruction: the bike bomb. 24 Iraqi police officers killed and others were wounded. More on this deadly new threat from CNN:
At least 24 Iraqi police officers and police recruits were killed when a suicide bomber riding on a bicycle exploded at an Iraqi police base in central Baquba Monday morning, an Interior Ministry official said.

The blast also wounded 17 people, the official said.

Local health officials put the death toll at 27. They also said a woman and child were among the wounded.

Baquba is the capital of the Diyala province northeast of Baghdad.
The direction terrorists seem to be taking is a backward one, technology-wise. Where explosive artists are concerned, low-tech is the way to go. As detection methods get more sophisticated, the ways of blowing up things will turn retro.

There was the shoe bomber, then a video of using a radio-controlled toy car, now a bike bomber. Reductionist-minded terrorists are probably somewhere working on the next blasting platform: the amoeba bomb.

by Mondoreb


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