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LGF Left-Wing?:

A Little-Seen Look
At the Extreme Right Wing

SMASH Left-Wing Scum!!!

LGF and Daily KOS, Idealogical Bedmates According to Holocaust-Denying Leader.

Little Green Footballs Attacked By Right Wing Extremists
A BLOW-BY-BLOW account by someone who was there at LGF, DBKP's own LBG.

The Original Little Green Footballs story thread here: BNP Leader Invited to Speak by 'Conservative'Student Group.
The Original Kookery at Spartan Spectator.

From Little Green Footballs, known for its unending efforts at exposing the dangers the world faces from Islamists and Political Correctness comes a shocking story from Michigan State University. Usually under attack from the Kook Left, LGF now comes under fire from the Kook Right. The exposure of the conservative student group, Young Americans for Freedom, and their ties to Holocaust Denier and racist, British National Party leader, Nick Griffin.

LGF had looked into the “invitation” given out to Griffin to come and speak about the dangers of Islam at Michigan State University on October 26th. LGF quite correctly pointed out that the head of the YAF, Kyle Bristow had made a huge mistake in inviting Griffin.

Charles Johnson of LGF:

“If this was another case of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend,” it couldn’t possibly be more misguided. From the statement by Kyle Bristow, it’s clear that the YAF (not related to Jason Mattera’s group, the Young America’s Foundation) knew exactly who Griffin was when they invited him.
The YAF should apologize for this, and renounce any associations with the BNP or Griffin. It’s an indefensible move, and a gigantic mistake. Do the right thing, and distance yourselves now while you can still control the damage.”

One of the long time posters at LGF had sent a concerned email to Bristow and was quite stunned at his reply.
This is Bristow's reply to my e-mail to him, which is below.

Dear Leftist Freak,
I am thrilled that we had Nick Griffin speak at Michigan State University.
In Freedom,
Kyle Bristow

[original email follows]----------------------------------------
Please, renounce your decision to host this anti-Semitic man at M.S.U..
Concerned Lizard from LGF

Another commenter at LGF was able to post a link to blog, Spartan Spectator, to post the “Nick Griffin Post-Event Press Release From YAF”:

The “press release,” written by Kyle Bristow was melodramatic and later disputed by others who were there
East Lansing, Mich. – Nick Griffin, the chairman of the British National Party, did not receive a pleasant welcome during his visit to Michigan State University on Friday. Countered by a mob of extremists, Griffin continually faced loud remarks and booing during his two-hour speech at the university.

After protesters disrupted America’s pledge of allegiance, Griffin constantly dealt with loud accusations of racism, baby killing and hatred. Throughout the event, Griffin was ignored and all questions relating to mass immigration were immediately shouted down and screamed upon. YAF chairman Kyle Bristow stated that he “was amazed at the level of savagery that occurred at a so-called institution of higher learning.” Video footage of the event is available upon request.

Upon exiting the building, YAF members were chased by a mob of extremists carrying baseball bats, canes and sticks. The mob shouted “let’s get them” as the YAF members ran towards safety.

Police reports have been filed and YAF is working with authorities; although the police have been little help in the past; Bristow hopes that Michigan State will stand up for free speech and civility on its campus.
Source: Post Event Press Release.

The posters at LGF were quick to condemn Bristow’s use of a known racist and Holocaust denier such as Nick Griffin in the ongoing war against Islamism. Another LGF poster supplied a link to the blog, Michigan Messenger who had the Liveblog report from the Nick Griffin speech. It was reported that Griffin was flanked by white supremacist, Preston Wiginton.
"I have in the past said very rude things about the holocaust," Griffin said. "I have never denied it, and I do not doubt so many Jews were killed by the Nazis and the Allies."

"You seek to deny the white people of the world the right to collect in their own community and self determinations; then you are a racist," Griffin said.

Appalled that a so-called Conservative Student group such as the YAF would embrace the likes of someone such as Griffin the commenters at LGF lambasted the group and its leader, Kyle Bristow. One such comment from LGF:
“On the bright side, experiencing something like this contains the possibility of leading some of us to a crystalline insight on the importance of value systems in politics, the dangers of leftist totalitarianism, and the need to stand up to the jihadists in the right way without having people go off to bizarre, hateful ideologies. It can help us to see with perfect mental clarity that we must actively work to build good movements, political organizations, and to deal with issues openly and rationally; we cannot let happen what we are seeing in European countries.”

The reaction from Bristow was swift. From his “Spartan Spectator” blog:

LGF = Traitors to Western Civilization, along with a male figure swinging a sledge hammer at the Little Green Football, then the words, “Smash Left-Wing Scum!!!

Source: Spartan Spectator.

Not content with this little display another post of vitriol was added by Bristow.

MSU-YAF Denounces Little Green Footballs for Being Prissy RINOs
From Spartan Spectator:
The Little Green Footballs blog decided to condemn MSU-YAF for hosting Nick Griffin. In case you do not read Little Green Footballs, the blog is pro-Muslim, left-wing, politically correct, and basically a front for neoconservative foreign policy (instead of defending their culture, they want to build schools in the Anbar province). They are basically a puppet of the multiculturalists and believe that Islam is not the enemy of Western civilization and Christendom. Only Bush-bots read the Little Green Footballs blog.

Bristow obviously had forgotten that LGF has a long-standing reputation of being just the opposite of what he had previously described.
Instead of writing about threats to Western civilization, the LGF blog has recently attacked organizations who are fighting the culture war by doing more than just posting stuff on a blog that only like-minded people read.

Many of the comments on the LGF blog are critical of Pat Buchanan, Ron Paul, and paleoconservatism. If you are not a big government, globalist, middle-class-hating, promoter of economic treason, then LGF doesn't like you.

LGF and Al Qaeda both have something in common: they hate Western civilization and those who stand up for it.

Mr. Bristow tarred LGF with accusations that the blog is “big government, globalist, middle class hating, promoter of economic treason,” in short, evidently what Bristow could come up with for insults at such short notice. Bristow threw a little “far right wing extremist” temper tantrum when exposed by LGF as a kiss up and promoter of Neo-Nazis and Holocaust Deniers under the guise of exposing “Islamo-fascism.”

This is not a case of “Strange Bedfellows” between Bristow, the YAF, and LGF. Charles Johnson, the creator and force behind LGF has proven that there is no room for the likes of someone as vile as Neo-Nazis in the current war on Terror, nor will there ever be.

[Although some vague references were made about the Ron Paul campaign, one has to wonder if Paul is even aware of this. He's probably, as this is being typed, in bed at a Holiday Inn somewhere, dreaming sweet dreams of abolishing the IRS. So DBKP won't speculate.]

UPDATE [335 am 102807]: It's not everyday that LGF gets branded as "Left Wing SCUM". I'm sure The New York Times, The DailyKOS and Huffington post are wondering about what it takes for real Left Wingers to get noticed.

LGF now resides in that rarest of Internet worlds: where the Left Wing SCUM shall lay down with the knuckle-dragging Neo-Nazis.

by Little Baby Ginn
--notes by Mondoreb
[image: Spartan Spectator]
Latest from the Spartan Spectator.
Background on Nick Griffin and more on this Extreme Right LoveFest of Kookery at MSU from Wake Up America.


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