Saturday, October 13, 2007


Al Gore, Nobel Laureate

Words & Pictures by RidesAPaleHorse

Albert Arnold Gore Jr. was born in Washington on March 31, 1948, to Albert Gore Sr., who represented Tennessee in Congress for 32 years, and Pauline Gore. Mr. Gore Jr. brought honor to the United States, the Democratic Party, his family and lastly, himself with the announcement yesterday of his winning of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Many readers have written in to DBKP, asking about the Nobel Prize process and just exactly how it works. Ace Nobel reporter, RidesAPaleHorse, on assignment in Sweden sent us these PAPERCUTS EXCLUSIVE photos of the secretive Nobel Prize committee and the selection process used in the making of Al Gore Jr., Nobel Laureate.

Finally, RAPH caught perfectly the reaction on the Right to Gore's Peace Prize for prostylizing Global Warming.

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