Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Baby Grace:
Grandmother Believes Riley
Sawyers is Baby Grace

Baby Grace UPDATE:

Is the identity of Baby Grace about to be determined?

Maybe the authorities are about to get a break in the Baby Grace case.

The grandmother of a little girl taken by her mother to Texas, after the mother met a man on the Internet thinks her granddaughter may be Baby Grace. This from Fox News Cleveland "Family Thinks They Know the Identity of Baby Grace"
An Ohio grandmother believes the toddler dubbed "Baby Grace" found in a blue plastic storage container on the Gulf Coast in late October could be her granddaughter because of a striking resemblance, MyFoxCleveland reports.

Sheryl Sawyers told the station 2-year-old Riley Ann Sawyers moved to Texas with her mother, Kim Sawyers, last summer, after meeting a man on the Internet.

Since Riley was born, she and her mother were living with Sheryl Sawyers, Riley's paternal grandmother; however, Sheryl Sawyers said neither she nor her son, Robert, have heard from Kim since she moved Texas.

The samples of DNA should determine whether Riley Sawyers ended up in a blue cooler, wrapped in plastic and washed up on a sandbar. Or whether she disappeared when her mother handed her over to "somebody from Ohio with papers".

The mother says she doesn't know who that person was.

DBKP reported last night that DNA samples from the father were taken and were on their way to authorities in Galveston, TX.

The identity of Baby Grace is still a mystery.

But maybe not for very much longer.

by Mondoreb

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