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Baby Grace, Madeleine McCann And The Little Lost Girls

On the evening of May 3rd, 2007, just a few days shy of her fourth birthday, little blond haired Madeleine McCann disappeared from her families' apartment while on holiday in the resort town of Algarve, Portugal.

Source: Wikipedia
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Three year old blond haired Deonna Shipman was reported missing July 12th in Liverpool, New York. Deonna was last seen with her father, 46 year old Jeffery Shipman. Shipman suffers from depression and once told his wife that if he couldn't have his daughter, "no one will."

Source: America's Most Wanted

On August 27th two year old blond haired Karen Matusiewicz was reported missing along with her two sisters in Middletown, Delaware. They were purportedly abducted by their father, 40 year old David Matusiewicz.


October 23rd two year old blond haired Celestia Langille and her sibling, Everett, were reported missing in Taylor, Pennsylvania. They were considered to be with their non-custodial father.


On October 29th a fisherman on Galveston Bay in Texas found a storage container, inside the body of a little blond haired girl whom authorities named "Baby Grace".

Source: Houston Chronicle

Unable to identify "Baby Grace" authorities in Galveston turned their attention to cases of little girls missing from across the country, Deonna Shipman, Celestia Langille, and Karen Matusiewicz.

GALVESTON — Three little blonde girls with light-colored eyes from across the country have captured investigators’ attention.

They’ve all been reported missing in the past four months, seemingly abducted by noncustodial parents.

But most interesting to the investigators at the Galveston County Sheriff’s Office is that their height, age and weight are similar to the characteristics of the girl they’ve named Baby Grace, whose body washed ashore last week.

Source: Galveston Daily News

There was also the report that the Galveston authorities were looking into the case of the still missing Madeleine McCann.

Investigators haven’t formally ruled out the possibility that Baby Grace is Madeline McCann, the 4-year-old British girl who went missing from her parent’s Portuguese hotel room in May, Tuttoilmondo said. But he said despite an Internet effort to link the two, officers are fairly confident the child wasn’t McCann. Sheriff’s office detectives are collaborating with officials in Great Britain and Portugal to see if dental records and DNA tests can confirm the two cases are separate.

Source: Galveston Daily News

Four little lost blond girls still missing. One little girl found, her skull fractured, her body placed in a plastic storage container and left out on the waters of Galveston Bay. No word yet if Baby Grace is one of the four little lost girls. If she is there will still be the mystery of the welfare and whereabouts of the remaining three. Until then who Baby Grace is, who killed her and left her body adrift in Galveston Bay is still unknown. Madeleine has now been missing for over six months. Authorities in Portugal are no closer in solving her disappearance. No one knows where Deonna or Karen and her two sisters are as well as Celestia and her sibling, Everett.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of these little girls, to Baby Grace and the authorities who seek to put together the pieces of puzzle of who Baby Grace is and what happened to her.


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