Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Baby Grace, Riley Sawyers: Ohio Girl Possible Match

Could this be Baby Grace?

Authorities are looking into the possible connection between the Baby Grace case and two-year-old Riley Sawyers of Mentor, Ohio.

Riley Ann Sawyers and her mother, Kim, moved from Mentor, Ohio to Katy, Texas last summer. Galveston Bay, where the body of Baby Grace was discovered by a fisherman on October 29, is approximately 77 miles east of Katy.Riley's grandmother, Sheryl Sawyers, says Kim moved to Texas after she met a man on the internet.

Kim and Riley had been living with Sawyers, who is the mother of Riley's father Robert, for the past two-years.

Sherly and Robert have had no contact from Kim since she moved to Texas and they have been going through the legal process in both Texas and Ohio to try and get visitation rights to see Riley.
Riley is no longer with her mother who claims "someone from Ohio, with papers demanding custody" took Riley. Ohio officials refute this claim.

Police ruled out a tip leading to Spring, Tx today.

Was the Spring girl, Riley Sawyers? We don't know. Katy is 48 miles south of Spring, Tx.

Police released no information on why the tip was ruled a dead end.

The story of Riley's mother seems, at first glance, to have several questions attached to it.

Another question is what mother gives her daughter to "someone from Ohio" without knowing the whos, whats and whys of the person taking her offspring?

In coordination with the Mentor police and the FBI, Riley's father, Robert has submitted a DNA sample.

No word yet on how long the DNA testing will take or if the FBI will disclose the results.

Our hearts go out to Riley, her father Robert, and her grandmother, Sherly.

Source - MyFox Cleveland - Is 'Baby Grace' From Northeast Ohio

Image [ MyFoxCleveland]

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