Thursday, November 29, 2007

Christmas: Wisconsin Atheists Claim Anything "X-Mas" Offensive

We Wish You An Offensive Christmas...

Yet another brouhaha has erupted over how the state of Wisconsin should celebrate "the holidays."

A public hearing was held Wednesday night on what to call the giant tree in the Capital building.

Rep. Marlin Schneider, (D), from Wisconsin Rapids, asked for support to name the tree, "Wisconsin State Christmas Tree." He stated the tree has been known as "Christmas tree" since 1916.

Annie Laurie Gaylor of the Freedom From Religion Foundation made her position quite clear stating that anything with a Christmas moniker would "offend" nonreligious people and amount to state sponsorship of Christianity.

And yet it just crossed our minds here at DBTP, since atheists do not celebrate Christmas then why do they insert themselves into matters concerning the celebration of Christmas?

Miss Gaylord Grinch continued: "The state of Wisconsin cannot have a Christmas anything."

One can imagine Ms. Gaylord stamping her foot.

What kind of grey monotone non-offensive affair would Ms. Gaylord and her cronies put together if we put them in charge of the holiday festivities?

Just how is the concept of Christmas "offensive?"

Christmas has evolved into not only the celebration of the birth of Christ but of rounds of office parties, putting up a live or fake tree, stringing tiny lights across the eaves, a day of getting together with friends and family.

Ms. Gaylord finds this concept, "offensive." To Ms. Gaylord we would give this advice:

Get a grip. We have just as much of a "right" to celebrate how we chose and find you "offensive" in painting the celebration of Christmas, "offensive." We shall now refer to you as Ms. Grinch because you deserve it and a bag of coal.

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