Saturday, November 10, 2007

A Disproportionate Amount of Discussion
A Disproportionate Amount of Muslim Bombers

Somebody call a doctor!

The head of the Muslim Council plays the victim card and increasingly, even the British are not feeling guilty.

Dr. Bari discusses the reasons for tensions in the Isles in the Telegraph:
Dr Muhammad Abdul Bari, the leader of the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB), thinks the Government is stoking the tension.

"There is a disproportionate amount of discussion surrounding us," he says. "The air is thick with suspicion and unease. It is not good for the Muslim community, it is not good for society."
This is MAD magazine material. One wishes the interviewer--or someone in the Gordon government--would make the straightforward observation: the "disproportionate amount of discussion" will cease when the disproportionate amount of bombers blowing up British citizens ceases to be Muslim.

Simple, huh?

Not for the doc.

He's like a growing number of his countrymen these days: fearing for Britain.

"Britain must", he warns, "beware of becoming like Nazi Germany."

He really did say that. Yes, he did. And ehe interview didn't mention anything about him doubling up in an abject fit of laughter while saying it.

As Robert Spencer put it in Jihad Watch:
Nothing really surprising here. When have we ever seen a Muslim leader in the West say, "Yes, we have a serious problem in our community, and it's up to us to clean it up"?

Britain's possible march to a National Socialist future will halt the day Muslims assimilate to the culture of the country in which they've chosen to settle. It will also halt when the government and newspapers quit tiptoeing around the whining of these "community leaders" and issue some straight-talking statements.

Until then, the prescription for the U.K. and it's seething minorities is the same: assimilate with all due haste or perhaps you'd be better off elsewhere.

The British living in crime-ridden neighborhoods and wondering when the next terrorist bombing will occur will not agree with Dr. Bari. And Gordon Brown is slowly sensing that they don't agree with his government's handling of this matter, either.

Dr. Bari doesn't like the discussion? Start a new one; one that doesn't hold common sense up and call it "oppression". Start a discussion on why second- and third-generation Muslims are hot for jihad in England. It might also dampen his fear of Nazis.

If that discussion doesn't start soon, the British people might seek a second opinion.

by Mondoreb


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