Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Dog the Bounty Hunter, canceled:
Dog's Hannity and Colmes Interview
Part 2


Dog the Bounty Hunter VIDEO ON Hannity & Colmes Part 2

Transcript below:

HANNITY: You're breaking down just hearing that. What's going on?


D. CHAPMAN: ... you know, really terrible. I don't — I — that's — that is a terrible thing that I said. It hurts worse to hear it over and over. And I am very sorry that I said that.

HANNITY: I want to get to the — you've given a written apology. Is this — is this how you've often talked? Did you not know that, when you use that word that — what the reaction would be? Because you even say — you suggest in this whole thing that you know what would happen if America — America, at one point, you said, would not understand it. America would not think what we mean.

D. CHAPMAN: Well, I didn't, of course, want America to hear that. And of course, I knew that that was a word that I should not be saying. As far as believing in what that word means, I did not — I do not believe that that word is — means what a lot of America is thinking.

And that's what I didn't want to have to do, was explain to America what that word meant to me.

HANNITY: If you knew — you're a public figure. If you knew that America will react that way — you've had some time to think about it since this has been released. Have you thought back as to why you would continue to use the word?

And you know, I don't want her around her not because — you talk about not because of the race issue, but because you guys at the production company, I assumed is what you were referring to, use that word.

D. CHAPMAN: No. It's like I use the word. My little baby is 8. And she came to me and said, "Dad, we don't say that." And a lot of times a boxer is in the ring, and he does a good job. In the interview right after, he says, we knocked them out.

And I always think, what do you mean, we? You just is in there by yourself. I know what "we" means now. I've used the word for a long time not to mean what it does to a lot of black people that are offended.

I will try never, ever, ever to use that word again. I did not — I did not ever want to be in the hot seat as I am right now, the hottest seat I've been in, because I'm always in the hot seat anyway. I didn't want to have to explain to America outside my family and people that I love that know me what that means.

I thought that I was cool enough in the black world to be able to use that word as a brother to a brother. I'm not. I didn't really know until three or four days ago what that meant to black people.

Of course, I know the story, and I know America's story. But I never realized that that's like stabbing a black person in the heart. I would never do that to any kind of person. I've always taken pride to be the white guy that can talk to the black people, that can refer to them truly as a brother from a different mother.

But this is America and this is entertainment, and that doesn't fly there. had this reaction to the video:
Nothing energizes Sean Hannity more than defending a white guy accused of racism. Hannity's the same guy who thought the Jena 6 case involved discrimination against whites. On the 11/06/07 Hannity & Colmes, Hannity devoted the full show to rehabilitating Duane "Dog" Chapman's image

Strange that a newshound wouldn't like the Dog. Sounds like they're a bit 'fraid of a Fox also.

by Mondoreb


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