Saturday, November 10, 2007

Dog the Bounty Hunter: Dog Trivia

"My name is Duane Dog Chapman. I've lived a hell of a life. I've been a biker, I've been a convict, I've been a husband, father, and son."

All was fairly quiet on the Dog the Bounty Hunter front last night. No statements, no threats of lawsuits--just the sound of fans scrambling to find internet petitions to sign to perhaps try and make their voices heard to TV executives to return the Dog to the air.

In the spirit of "No news is good news" at this point, we thought we'd look around for some facts about Duane "Dog" Chapman to pass along.

After reading these, you may agree that the Bounty Hunter has lived an interesting life.

Duane "Dog" Chapman's show was suspended after a racial slur on November 1, 2007. The tape of the slur was released by a national tabloid.

Duane, known for being a very religious man, was given the nickname Dog by Tom, a fellow Disciple member, because its God spelled backwards.

While Dog was imprisoned at the Texas State Penitentiary for his murder conviction, his prisoner number was 271097. He also served as the warden's barber.

Favorite television shows as a child were: The Lone Ranger, Sky King, and The Green Hornet.

One of Dog's children, Zebediah, died only 30 days after birth. The boy was premature.

Duane Chapman was arrested on September 14, 2006, in Hawaii. He was charged with illegal detention and conspiracy in an alleged kidnapping of Andrew Luster. He was initially arrested in Mexico three years ago, but failed to show up for court, which resulted in a warrant for his arrest.

Barbara Katie Chapman, one of Dog’s children, was killed in an automobile accident the day before he married Beth.

Duane dropped out of school in the seventh grade from Rishel Junior High. (edit)
Dog is part Native American, specifically the Chiricahua Apache tribe, and proud of his heritage.

Dog caught notorious Kona burglar Bryan Blair, who was lying low in Kansas City.

Dog is 5’7’’ and admits to using customized boots to increase his height to 5’10’’.

Duane has been arrested 18 times, and served time in prison for murder.

Duane “Dog” Chapman was a Kirby vacuum salesman before his bounty hunting career.

Dog started bounty hunting in 1979 to pay off child support he accrued while in prison, $200.

Dog Chapman became famous when he captured Andrew Luster in Mexico.

Dog claims to have captured 6,000+ criminals.

Dog has been married 5 times: LaFonda, Ann, Lyssa, Tawny, and Beth. He also has 12 children, 11 of which are his own. Cecily, who is Beth's daughter from her first marriage, is not Dog's biological daughter but he considers her his own.

Dog has a son named Tucker,sentenced 20 years in prison for armed robbery.

The Dog certainly has lived through some interesting times.

Of course, one famous Chinese curse states "May you live in interesting times".

by Mondoreb


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