Thursday, November 15, 2007

FBI Surprise Raid Seizes 2 Tons of Ron Paul Dollars - UPDATE

UPDATES: Surprise FBI Raid Seizes 2 Tons of Ron Paul Dollars

Updates to our original story above. One from Italy where the writer makes a valid point. Not the one about George Bush being jealous: that's gratuitous Bush-bashing at its European finest.

The one about the FBI conducting the raid in the first place.
[NOTE: In the copy of the letter we saw from Liberty Coin, the Secret Service was involved in the raid also. However, this wasn't referenced in the following report.]
From URU Net, Italy:
"FBI Raids Liberty Dollar"
Webmaster's comment: Thet the FBI carried out this raid suggests a political motive. Maybe Goerge Bush was jealous because nobody wants to put his face on coins (just toilet paper). If the Liberty Dollar was really an illegal form of currency, the raid would have been carried out by the Treasury Department and Secret Service.
This from the Western Standard:
"L. Ron Paul Supporters Raided by FBI"
Why? Well, this company was minting coins and issuing paper notes claiming to be "dollars" and which, at least in the case of the coins, might easily have been taken by individuals for notes and coins issued by the Mint or the Federal Reserve.

Perhaps even more hillariously, given the intended market for these things, it appears that the minted gold, silver, and bronze coins were being told at markups of between 25% and 400% on the actual value of the precious metals contained therein. The only thing worse than a Goldbug is a stupid Goldbug and, apparently, these people were that in droves.

Now, Ron Paul's smarter supporters will attempt to distance themselves from such a disreputable operation. They can try and do that, of course - but, frankly, it will be difficult to with fifty pages of teeth gnashing from L. Ron's supporters about the raid. Moreover, any claim that Ron Paul didn't approve of or support this ought to be viewed skeptically in view of the fact that these people have been marketing these coins using his name and likeness since July at the very earliest.

More as they become available.
by Mondoreb
& Little Baby Ginn
[image: Libertydollars]


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