Saturday, November 10, 2007

Kucinich Receives Endorsement:
Shirley MacLaine Says
UFO Sighting "Is Terrific"

In the slow season before the primaries, the only thing for pundits to write about are polls, fund-raising, scandals of anyone connected with a particular campaign and endorsements.

Dennis Kucinich, Democrat presidential candidate, received an endorsement of sorts on Friday.
Shirley MacLaine endorsed Kucinisch's UFO sighting. From the Today Show, as reported by the Cleveland Plain Dealer:
Lauer: "You talk about presidents. A guy running for president, Dennis Kucinich, a couple of weeks ago in a debate was asked if he thinks UFOs exist, and he said 'Yes.' Let me mention as a disclaimer, you're the godmother of one of his children, correct? When he said 'Yes,' were you cheering from the sidelines?

MacLaine: "I thought that was terrific that a presidential candidate admitted it. If they had asked Gov. Bill Richardson, he would have, too, because he is the governor of UFOs in New Mexico.
If Bill Richardson's bid for president falls short, he can take consolation in remaining the governor of UFOs.

One hopes there's a good pension plan.

by Mondoreb


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