Friday, November 16, 2007

Ron Paul 30-second Video Contest

The Ron Paul campaign is looking for a few good videos. Well, one video to be exact, but the campaign is looking for a video to air during the CNN/Youtube Republican Debates on November 28.

Rules and details below. If you have any other questions, click on the link below.

Create a Ron Paul Video for the CNN/You Tube Debate
CNN has requested for the campaign to submit a 30 second ad to be used as a bumper when going in to commercial during the Nov 28 CNN/YouTube Debate. The national campaign has asked us, the Ron Paul Grassroots Supporters, to be the ones to develop the ad to be shown!
Please let everyone know as quickly as possible because we don't have much time! Here are the rules ... READ THESE VERY CAREFULLY:

1. Ad must be exactly 30 seconds; no more, no less.
2. Ad will be shown for the FIRST TIME EVER PUBLICLY during the debate. Any video uploaded to YouTube for public viewing or accidentally placed on the Internet will be disqualified.
3. Ad must be available in both NTSC-ready format (for TV viewing) and smaller YouTube-size for review.
4. NO copyright violations. Must use original music, video and images, or need to have permission. If permission received, documentation MUST be provided for review.
5. Ads will be sent to me no later than Friday, November 23 at 8:00 AM Eastern Time, no exceptions.
6. Upload the ad to YouTube in PRIVATE mode (make sure not to use public!), and share the ad with RonPaulAdCompetition *only*.

What happens after the ads are submitted?

* A group of marketing professionals will review the ads on Friday and narrow down to a group of 4-6.
* The final videos will be sent to the national campaign for their review on Saturday, November 24 at 12:00 AM (Midnight) Eastern Time.
* The national campaign will select one (1) video of the 4-6 finalists to send to CNN on Monday, November 26 at 5:00 PM Eastern Time.
* The selected ad will be shown during the CNN/YouTube debate on Nov. 28th!

Start rolling people it's time to make this happen! If you have questions email me at, or visit this Channel as updates occur.



1) Add RonPaulAdCompetiton as a YouTube friend.
2) Upload the video to YouTube in PRIVATE mode. Select RonPaulAdCompetition as the only member of your contact list to have access to view the video.
3) Send an email to RonPaulAdCompetition or stating your video's name, link and your YouTube username.
4) Complete these steps no later than 8AM on Friday, 11/23.
5) The video can be switched to PUBLIC mode no earlier than the morning of 11/29.


NOTE 1: CNN debate footage can be used. Footage of other debates (Fox, NBC) can be used if copyright permission is received. Anyone submitting a video with debate footage will need to demonstrate proof of permission. This is true of any copyright audio, video or images used.

Producers can use audio/video of existing RonPaul2008dotcom channel content, and of Ron Paul's Flickr account ( photos/ronpaul2008), but no high-quality versions are available. Make sure to give credit to the appropriate parties. See the "Update from the Campaign" bulletin below.

NOTE 2: Previously we had discussed about the need to have 4-6 seconds for the Federal Election Commission (FEC) required verbal disclaimer of "I'm Ron Paul and I approve of this message". No need to do so for this CNN version, just 30 full seconds to use.

I might suggest it would probably be a good idea to have '' displayed at some point during the video.

NOTE 3: The campaign has stated that any submitted video needs to be "significantly original to be considered". (In the email the word 'significantly' was italicized for emphasis.) Changing some animation, shuffling words, and changing phrases would not be considered a new video.
All the public will see will be the winner. It would be much more interesting to see ALL the videos submitted. And will the "Ron Paul Girl" enter? Surely.

Let the debates begin.

by Mondoreb & Little Baby Ginn


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