Saturday, November 17, 2007

Ron Paul Pictures Wanted

Want to help the Ron Paul cause? Now you can.

DBKP Video is looking for Ron Paul pictures and graphics.

What's needed:

1- Any photos of large enthusiastic Ron Paul crowds. The more colorful the better.

2- Any pictures of work on the huge Interstate Ron Paul signs. Both when they were being built and the completed signs are welcome.

3- Photoshops of with Ron Paul in them. There's a ton of great ones out there. Do you have any? Humorous or patriotic ones especially are wanted.

4- Pictures of an older person (the older the better) with a Ron Paul hat or holding a Ron Paul sign, or both. Also, child 3-5 holding a Ron Paul sign or wearing Ron Paul hat or both. Two children 3-5 with RPaul hats and holding a larger sign might also be needed. Remember to smile!

There's no money involved, but you'll be compensated in three ways:

1- You'll be helping out a good cause. Studies prove people who participate in volunteer activities sleep better at night.
2- If we use your picture, you'll be mentioned in the credits.
3- You'll have something to talk about around the water cooler at work.

IMPORTANT: Make sure these pictures, photos and graphics are yours (or someone you know) and not someone else's. Simple as that. The same goes with Photoshops pictures; they have to be your photoshops.

Send all pictures to: dbkpvideo@

Thank you and let's get them in.

by Mondoreb

Death by 1000 Papercuts Front Page.

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