Friday, November 9, 2007

Ron Paul, Wolf Blitzer:
In the Situation Room

Ron Paul talks about his "phenomenal" fund-raising day, as Wolf Blitzer describes it. Paul, a Republican presidential candidate raised over 4.2 million dollars in one day as part of his campaign's "Money Bomb" fund-raising activities.

Wolf Blitzer interview Paul in the "Situation Room".

Video is 6:56.

Blitzer calls the fund-raising effort "amazing" and asks Dr. Paul why he thinks it was accomplished.

Paul attributes the effort to "frustration" by the "grass roots".
Blitzer also says that Paul's support in the CNN Poll has risen to 5%--more than double what he had two months ago.

Paul talks about what, if any, other candidates he might support. Blitzer also asks Paul if he'd run as a third-party candidate.

Dr. Paul says that if he does not get the nomination, he will remain in Congress.

Blitzer also details the many dissenting votes that Paul has cast in 425-1 House bills.

This may change the way other campaigns plan their fund-raising tactics.

by Mondoreb


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