Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Tyranny of the Minority

"I had to rant and get some of this off my chest to someone so I figured who better to rant to than you?"

What would upset such placid(!) soul as RidesAPaleHorse?

The same thing that upsets millions of Americans across the USA each and every day: an ever-increasing web of regulations, laws and edicts by--in many cases--unelected officials.

Three particular peeves were mentioned: regulations by unelected officials, Health Nazis, and Political Correctness. Since he already had a full head of steam going, we let RidesAPaleHorse loose:
I was reading the paper earlier and came across an article about the smoking ban here in Colorado and how it's going to affect the gambling towns come Jan 1. (smoking will also be banned in casinos here). Then, while writing this rant, I came across a story about the ban in Ft. Collins Co. against red and green Christmas lights and that F**KIN' DID IT![Coloradoan]
I'm just pissed off: seriously pissed off. I had to rant and get some of this off my chest to someone so I figured who better to rant to than you? LOL.

You know, Article ten of the Federalist Papers addresses the issue and concern by the founding fathers of the "tyranny of the majority". What the hell can we do about the tyranny of the MINORITIES?

We have to accept illegal immigration, open borders, compact flourescent bulbs, homosexual "marriage", burning of the American flag, "GLOBAL WARMING", dictators, dictatorships, abortion, smoking bans, bans on Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Columbus day, Valentines day, guns, trans-fats, wood burning, American flags, Indian--oh sorry, "native American"--team names/mascots, plastic grocery bags, support of the troops.

The Boy Scouts, bibles or anything related to God, The Ten Commandments, ANY Christian symbols, or even the MENTION of God in or at any public venue, schools, courts: yet in schools across this nation, students are allowed to give their classmates an overview and show videos of Islam.

Other schools encourage students to dress as Muslim "holy warriors". In at least one case, 125 seventh graders were encouraged to dress in Muslim attire for a three week course on Islam.

But, let a child bow their head in prayer or acknowledge God in a commencement speech or before a football or basketball game--any school activity, really--and all Hell breaks loose. The ACLU is there to file lawsuits and provide avenues for "cultural sensitivity training" (read: BRAINWASHINIG)

We have to accept public displays of blatant homosexual degenerate behavior, we "study" degenerates and murderers in order to determine their "motivation" for doing whatever disgusting acts of depravity, murder, rape, kidnapping, and torture that they have perpetrated. We have to "understand" that not everyone has the same childhood, environment, support or whatever the hell is missing in these miscreants.

Disagreement with the politically correct factions in this country is to be branded: a bigot, racist, homophobe, sexist, religious zealot, right wing extremist, Nazi, Fascist (strange since both of these latter two are socialist ideologies), intolerant, ignorant, jingoistic, flag wavers, or worst of all, conservative.

Some segments of society AND government "feel" they have the right to determine how people are to live their own lives, run their own businesses, spend their money, what to eat and when, what to drive, how many kids to have, how to educate them, discipline them, instill morals, values and judgments.

Personally, I'm just fed up, sick and tired of these nannyist S.O.B.s telling us how to live, what to like or not like, who we can or can't associate with and just generally intruding on our personal lives because they think they know better how EVERYTHING should be done.

Where the HELL are the leaders? Is there no one left to speak out against this crap? Has this country turned into nothing more than a nation of sheep, of lemmings? Have we become so damned stupid and dependent that we need someone else to do our thinking for us? If not, then who needs all this intrusion by the minorities that are forcing these attacks on our freedoms?

I've heard it said--mostly by leftists--that we are losing our freedoms little by little. I would remind them that it's THEIR OWN KIND that are taking their freedoms. By kowtowing to this whiny, sniveling, agenda-driven tyranny screeching for more control over peoples lives.

And, lest I be accused of letting the Right off the hook, there's plenty of "conservatives/Republicans" that are more than willing to go along with this crowd for fear of offending someone. Or because "it's in everyones best interest". Excuse me, but I will determine what's in my best interest, thank you very much. It's not your job!

I WANT MY COUNTRY BACK!!! I want the government, nanny-ist, do-gooder, intrusive, arrogant, condescending, know-it-all "activists" to stay the f**k out of my life.

Don't smoke. Don't eat fast food. Don't use incandescent light bulbs, drive a Prius, save a whale, hug a tree, ride a bicycle, walk, use public transportation to your Kumbaya rally. Reduce your "carbon footprint" by staying home from that 'Kill Bush' rally; but, if you do go: put some goddamned clothes on.

And don't forget: somewhere a tree had to give it's life for that protest sign you're carrying.

I WANT MY COUNTRY BACK!!! Is there no one out there that sees the "tyranny of the minority"?

When they came for the smokers,
I remained silent;
I was not a smoker.

When they locked up the McDonalds customers
I remained silent;
I was not a McDonalds customer

When they came for the SUV owners
I did not speak out;
I was not an SUV owner

When they came for the Conservatives
I remained silent;
I wasn't a Conservative

When they came for me,
there was no one left to speak out.

'Nuff said.

by RidesAPaleHorse


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