Saturday, December 15, 2007

Dog the Bounty Hunter: Under-Privileged Kids in LA Get $26,000 Worth of Toys

A lot of under-privileged kids in Los Angeles found out what Dog the Bounty Hunter fans knew all along: the Dog has a big heart.

Duane "Dog" Chapman is no longer in the doghouse--at least in the minds of the children who benefited from the TV show's star's $26,000 for charity.

Pulling up to the Toy 'R Us store in LA in a stretch limo, the Bounty Hunter and his wife, Beth, bought 26,000 worth of Christmas presents for the Brotherhood of a New Destiny (BOND) Home for Boys and the Jim Gilian Youth Center.

Fans who were used to seeing the Bounty Hunter surrounded by his fugitive-hunting crew saw a different crew today: under-privileged children accompanied the Dog on his toy-buying spree.

Earlier, Chapman handed out toys to dozens of children and signed copies of his book "You Can Run But You Can't Hide" at the LA headquarters of BOND.

BOND founder Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson said he doesn't think Chapman is a racist and "deserves a second chance."

The scene inside Toys R Us.
Dog, 54, then went around the store’s aisles with Beth filling up a number of trolley’s with toys for the kids, including footballs, remote-control cars and action figures.

An onlooker inside the store revealed that Dog was playing American Football with the children and was very generous with his money.

He said: “Dog was playing ball with the kids inside the store. He was throwing an American football around for them to catch. He had lots of trolley’s full of toys and was enjoying buying Christmas presents.”

The bystander also revealed how Dog was careful with what he bought for the children. “Dog was buying pretty much everything but he drew the line when one of the kids asked for a toy gun. He told the boy straight that they weren’t allowed any weapons.”

After the Dog’s massive shop, a lorry was on order to pick up the $26,000 worth of toys to transport them to the child centers.

Chapman then met fans outside the store and posed for a number of pictures before heading off back home after his good deed.

It was a different story on November 1.
Bounty Hunter Duane hit the front pages over a month ago, after he reportedly used a racial slur during a recorded conversation with his son, Tucker Chapman, in which he urged him to break up with a black girlfriend.

US magazine The National Enquirer taped the conversation and released it to the public after reportedly paying Tucker $15,000 for it.

The Honolulu-based bounty hunter first grabbed headlines when he captured
serial rapist and Max Factor heir Andrew Luster in Mexico in 2003.

His hit TV series followed him and his tattooed band of merry men as they tracked down bail jumpers. The show starred members of Chapman’s family, but Tucker Chapman was not regularly featured.

Dog’s show was taken off air indefinitely by the A&E network after the controversy.

Fans of the Bounty Hunter already knew the Dog had a big heart. But they aren't the only ones who can attest to that fact.

A lot of under-privileged kids in the Los Angeles area now also know it.

by Mondoreb
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