Sunday, December 23, 2007

Germany Not Laughing at Man Who Taught Dog Nazi Salute

To some it may seem ludicrous. A German man sentenced to five months in prison for teaching his dog to raise its paw in a mock salute when the man says "Heil Hitler."
A Hitler-adoring German man has been jailed for teaching his part-German shepherd mutt, Adolf, to perform a Nazi salute, London's Daily Mail reported.
The dog is now in a shelter where the staff is attempting to turn the salute into a pawshake.

And yet there are literally millions of reasons as to why such stiff penalties prevail in Germany over the use of symbols and gestures associated with Hitler and his Third Reich.

Hitler's evil legacy still lingers; the untold suffering and mass murder of millions in the guise of Nazi supremacy. Perhaps there is the fear that history could easily once again repeat itself.

Whatever the reason, the fear associated with all that belongs to Hitler and his reign of terror and mass murder is based on reality. All one has to do is walk through the camps where millions--yes, millions of men, women, children and babies--were shipped to their fate in railroad cattle cars.

Stripped of their belongings, some were forced into slave labor, while others were sent to mass graves, gas chambers or crematoriums. The gold fillings stripped from their teeth. Their valuables ransacked. Entire families destroyed. The Jews, the "mentally ill," gypsies, Catholics, those who voiced dissent: all were deemed "unacceptable" by Hitler and his Nazi regime.

Their heads shaved: they were starved, forced to work, beaten, shot or marched into gas chambers. The numbers were horrific, unbelievable, incomprehensible. The perpetrators: the Nazi party with their Heil Hitler salutes and love of their leader, Hitler.

There was nothing even remotely funny about it then, nor should it be now. As time moves on, there are those who think it's humorous and ingenious to compare Bush to Hitler; or, to dress in a Nazi uniform for Halloween while the victims of Hitler and his monstrous goons lie in mass graves, forever silenced.

Little children, babies ripped from their mother and father's arms, grandmothers and grandfathers: stripped of their clothing, forced to march naked to gas ovens or mass graves.

The Germans, with their strict laws against perpetuating Hitler's snappy salutes and rhetoric, show us that they do remember the horrors perpetrated by Hitler and his men. That perhaps, the voices of those who perished from Hitler's actions, are still heard.

"Remember us", they cry. "Never... again..."

Source - New York Post
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