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Huckabee Pheasant Hunt: Reporters Cry Foul

Dance, varmints, dance!

The Chicago Tribune's The Swamp has a story about Mike Huckabee's "muzzle control problem."

According to the writer, Jim Tankersley, Huckabee and his cronies went for a pheasant hunt the day after Christmas in Iowa. Tankersley pointed out a gun safety issue with Huckabee's hunt: shooting pheasants and/or reporters.

What was even more interesting were the comments solicited from the story.

"Don't get in my way."

Republican Mike Huckabee took his presidential campaign for a quick pheasant-hunting expedition in Iowa on Wednesday, and at one point, a reporter asked why he hadn’t invited sporting enthusiast Dick Cheney along. "Because I want to survive all the way through this," Huckabee replied, in a chuckling dig at the vice president’s accidental shooting of a quail-hunting partner last year.
At one point Huckabee's party kicked up a pheasant that flew up over the reporter's heads. Huck and Co. blasted their shotguns at the pheasants (and reporters) from a distance of 75 yards.

Tankersley pointed out that this was bad hunting form.
“Never point a firearm at yourself or others,” the International Hunter Education Association declares in its Basic Safety Rules. Later, it adds, “Never point your firearm at something you do not intend to shoot. Make sure you positively identify what you are shooting at and know what lies in front of and beyond it.”
Tankersley wrote how this type of "hunting" reinforced bad hunting stereotypes:
It’s the sort of behavior that drives safety-conscious hunters up the wall, because it reinforces a reckless, gun-totin’ stereotype.
When asked for a metaphor after Huckabee emerged from the hunt, three dead pheasants in tow, he replied:
"Don't get in my way. This is what happens."
We agree with Tankersley. There is nothing like going hunting with a reckless or careless hunter. You can tell a lot about person from just one hunt. Cockiness with a gun translates to recklessness. There's something special about someone who thinks it's okay or even "cute" to shoot in your direction. Some hunters even get that "twinkle" in their eye.

"I say, son, did I shoot over your head. You should of moved quicker." Hardee-har-har-har.

But what we found even more interesting were the comments.
The writer of this essay doesn't understand the depth of the anger that has been produced in Americans by the sustained, dishonest, and dishonorable reporting of those members of the media who seek to protect the profits of the obscenely rich at the expense of the average person. Maybe the shotgun episode will wipe the smug expressions off some of their faces.
Great shooting Mr. Huckabee! People will try to say anything to make you look bad. I'm from rural Oregon and heck, I've never had to worry about the press getting in my way when I'm after some birds. And by the way pheasants are not shot just for sport. They taste mighty good, and don't worry, God approves that message!
Golly gee, Oregon Jim... While you all's goin' back ta yer country roots in runnin' down Huckabee's huntin' as violatin' the "Basic Rules" of hunting,

aren't you violating the "Basic Rules" of balanced journalism with this one-sided hit-piece?
At that range, even if they'd been aiming directly at the reporters, it is extremely unlikely that any of the shot would have hit anyone, and if it did it would have bounced off.
A reply to Mr. "It would have bounced off!:
I shoot trap at 75yrs on some long shots, and the #8 shot certainly does not bounce off them. You are welcome to go downrange and tell me what it feels like!

Clearly Huckabee's poor form was due to global warming. Were it not for this Bush-induced global calamity, Huckabee would've hit his intended target, that is said reporter.

keep it up Huckabee keep shooting the bastards

At least we know he's qualified for VP...

What are the dates for the lawyer/reporter season in Iowa?

Nothing says praise jesus like blowing the crap out of a small defenseless animal with an enormous frigging shot gun. Idiot.

So Cheney shoots a lawyer when he is hunting, and Huckabee shoots at Journalists, I fail to see what the problem is.

Huckabee’s party turned toward a cluster of reporters and cameramen and, when they kicked up a pheasant, fired shotgun blasts over the group’s heads.

I can't vote for him, HE MISSED.
And this comment, we saved for last:
Pastor Huckabee is a modern-day Jed Clampett. And with a little more sloppy shooting, he might even find an oil field and solve the energy crisis.
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