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John Edwards Love Child Sex Scandal: Hunter Living the "Life of Rielle"

Hunter becomes the Hunted

DNA Sample Would Clear Things Up in a Hurry For Edwards

"He's Pro-Abortion, So What's the Problem?"

Testing the Theory: There is no such thing as Bad Publicity

The Enquirer Pulls the Story from its Website sometime between 3 and 6 am.

So, Is This Whole Love Child Sex Scandal Thing Still On or What?

The Way They Run the Enquirer: It's a Scandal!!

John Edwards is expected to again deny reports that he's the father of a love child by a former campaign worker.

The allegations resurfaced after the National Enquirer announced it now has photos of a visibly pregnant Rielle Hunter.

Hunter, at one point known as Lisa Druck, is saying that another member of the Edwards' campaign is the father.

But then, Rielle or Lisa, told the National Enquirer, when she answered the door, that she was neither.

If the Enquirer's revelations are true, Reille Hunter at one point was known as Lisa Druck and John Edwards at one point was known as a candidate.

6:15 am EST: Chuck Calls Us "Morons"; National Enquirer Story is Now Down!

Proud Winner's of
"Chuck's Morons"

"Thank you, thank you!"
"You’d think that these so called professional Bloggers would know this!

(I notice the original story on the Enquirer has disappeared and good for them for pulling it!Applause)

Bunch of damn morons….

Morons are: DBKP, The Radio Equalizer and Macsmind"

--Chuck Adkins: Memo to Bloggers about the National Enquirer's John Edwards' story: Get Real, Please!

And we like Chuck like our kin, too...

Who exactly was it that called us professional Bloggers?

I think you have to have a license. We don't want to get in any trouble, just for the record.

Curiously, Chuck's the 2nd blog that's written of the National Enquirer pulling down the story. At the first one that reported that (we left a comment informing them our links worked just fine at a little after 3:00 am EST) the Enquirer pulled the story down, we had to sadly report: it's still up.

BUT, after testing it for this story, Chuck is right! The story is down!

So at shortly after 3:00, the Enquirer story was up.
At shortly after 6:00, the Enquirer story is down.


Why'd the Enquirer take the story down? At least one inquiring mind wants to know.

Well, whether it is up or down, we stand by our story which is: we read the Enquirer.

And also, Meme orandum...where the story is still up proudly at the top while we type at 6:15.

But whether we're proved right or wrong, we're proud to win any award Chuckie's handing out.

Do we get to give a speech?

We need to fix our hair.

6:30 am EST: Rielle Hunter Still Pregnant; We Still Have Chuck's Trophy
Edwards and Hunter both denied the affair. For weeks the story went dormant and Edwards told the New York Daily News, "The story disappeared because it's made up." According to the report from Rush and Molloy, The magazine stood by its original story claiming that it was 100% accurate.

The story of Edwards and Hunter have been surfacing over the last couple months, with the National Enquirer going so far as to accuse Edwards in October.

It then was supposed to email proof to Edwards. The Enquirer didn't and the scandal simmered down.

Apparently, the National Enquirer had just begun to fight.

NOW, it has photos of Rielle in the family way, and statements from multiple sources that name Edwards as the father.

Of course, the Edwards' campaign will issue heated denials.

Who to believe?

Well, the Enquirer's reputation for the unvarnished truth isn't as high as it might be.

But neither is Edwards'.

He's previously insisted that he took a high-paying position to study "poverty".

One way to settle the controversy would be for Edwards to come forward and offer DNA. If he's not the father, the case is closed, and being the fine trial lawyer that he is, he may have some recourse against the National Enquirer.

From all indications and circumstances, here's a prediction: he will state the allegations are beneath his squashing them with a medical test. He will deny, and people will choose who to believe.

Of course, none of the resulting controversy and negative buzz will help him get the press to pay any attention to his issues.

But that might be a good thing. On the day the scandal erupted again, some polls reported that John Edwards had taken a slight lead in Iowa.

So maybe he won't have any grounds for damages against the National Enquirer, right or wrong.

One thing's for sure: in another three months or so, Ms. Hunter will deliver a bouncing bundle of joy into this world.

If it has Edwards' hair, people will talk.

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[NOTE: Even if Edwards turns out to be the father, we're keeping the cool trophy.]

by Mondoreb
Source: John Edwards Love Child Sex Scandal: Rielle Hunter Named Again

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