Sunday, December 9, 2007

Kids Online: Ten Tips For Parents

Ten Tips For Keeping Your Child Safe Online

1. Be a parent, not a pal.

2. Explain to your child that someone online may not be whom they seem.

3. Warn your kids to never give out give personal info such as addresses, phone numbers, where they go to school, and even photos unless the site is certified being monitored or it's their friends from school.

4. Know what your kid is doing online. What sites have they joined?

5. Don’t be afraid to check their surf history.

6. If your kid has “friends” online, you the parent are the one in charge of checking out the veracity of the “friends.”

7. Let your kid know they can come to you when they have a problem online, that you're there to help, be it dealing with a bully, predator or any other problem.

8. Always stay calm no matter how serious you believe the issue to be. Otherwise your child may decide to not come to back to you for further help.

9. Make sure that your PC has a child monitor site such as WebWatcher.

10. Make them aware of precautionary tales such as 13-year-old Megan Meier.

Always remember, no matter how many precautions you have taken to keep your child safe online it will never be 100% foolproof. When a problem arises hopefully you've educated your child to come to you for help, that together you can work together to combat the situation.

A safe child is an informed parent and an informed child.

A safe child is one whose parent is not a pal.

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