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Lori Drew: Anatomy Of An Apology

The Letter

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[uh-pol-uh-jee] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation –noun, plural -gies.
1.a written or spoken expression of one's regret, remorse, or sorrow for having insulted, failed, injured, or wronged another: He demanded an apology from me for calling him a crook. [1]

Do any of the following statements from Lori Drew's letter, which is part of the St. Charles County police investigation, fit the definition of an apology? Do they show remorse, imply regret, or display sorrow for the actions that Lori Drew claimed responsibility for in the St. Charles County Sheriff's Police Report?

The Letter

"We are very sorry for the extreme pain you are going through and can only imagine how difficult it must be. We have every compassion for you and your family.

The Police Incident Report
"Drew explained she wanted to "just tell them" what she did to contribute to the Meier's daughters suicide. Drew stated in the months leading up Meier's daughter's suicide, she instigated and monitored a "my space" account which was created for the sole purpose of communicating with Meier's daughter. Drew said she, with the help of temporary employee named "Ashley," constructed a profile of "good looking" male on "my space" in order to "find out what Megan (Meier's daughter) was saying on on-line about her daughter. Drew explained the communication between the fake male profile and Megan was aimed at gaining Megan's confidence and finding out what Megan felt about her daughter and other people. Drew stated the she, her daughter and Ashley all typed, read and monitored the communication between the fake male profile and Megan. Drew went on to say, the communication became "sexual for a thirteen year old." Drew stated she continued to fake male profile despite the development."
Source - The Smoking Gun - Megan Meier Police Reports

From the most recent statement from Lori Drew via her attorney, Jim Briscoe:

"During this investigation, the Drew family has not commented to the media. Now that the investigation is concluded, we wish to issue this statement.

"First and foremost, the Drew family mourns the death of Megan every day. They previously expressed their sympathies to the Meier family, but the Meiers have made it clear that they do not wish to speak to the Drews, and they have honored the Meier’s request.

"Contrary to statements reported in various news media around the nation in recent weeks, Lori Drew did not create or direct anyone to create the Josh Evans MySpace account.

"Although she was aware of the account, Lori Drew never sent any messages to Megan or to anyone else using this MySpace account.

Source - - Raw Data: Drew Family Statement on MySpace Suicide

Characteristics of the Narcissist

No remorse for mistakes or misdeeds.
Does not care about the consequences of his actions.
Projects his faults on to others. High blaming behavior; never his fault.
Little if any conscience.
Insensitive to needs and feelings of others.
Has a good front (persona) to impress and exploit others.
People are to be manipulated for his needs.
Pathological lying.
Lacks ability to see how he comes across to others. Defensive when confronted with hVery good at reading people, so he can manipulate them. is behavior. Never his fault.
Can get emotional, tearful. This is about show or frustration rather than sorrow.
Highly contradictory.
He has to be right. He has to win. He has to look good.

Source -

Lori's letter to the Drews, the police report and the statement from Jim Briscoe are the only communications from Lori Drew who, according to neighbors, remains ensconced inside her home.

Do these communiques constitute an apology from Lori Drew, of remorse for one's actions?

The reader can judge for him/herself.

Source - [1]
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