Thursday, December 6, 2007

Myspace Suicide: 'Megan Had It Coming' Blog Still Going Strong

It's still chugging along, the vile little blog that could, "Megan Had It Coming."

It's been 48 hours since the news article reported that the St. Charles Prosecutor, Jack Banas, had begun an investigation into who was running the twisted little website. The comment section is still rolling along, over 2351, and still growing.

Curt Drew issued a denial that it wasn't him nor anyone in his family, which includes the infamous Lori Drew, the current Queen of Internet Hoaxers. The Drew's attorney, Jim Briscoe couldn't be reached for a comment. Megan Meier's mother welcomed the investigation.

Was it really Lori Drew, as the poster claimed in the last thread, "I'm Lori Drew?"

To believe it was Lori Drew was to believe that this person was capable of extremely cruelty. The poster wrote a long diatribe, part blame the victim, Megan, part blame Megan's parents, part blame the cops and schools for allowing Megan the "monster bully" to roam the neighborhood streets and back alleys of MySpace. And none of the blame for Lori Drew.

If this is/was a fake, an imposter, a Lori Drew impersonator, they took a stand and stuck to it. Never deviated from their story, stayed on point. Tried to paint a picture of Lori Drew as the victim. The one whom the cops, the schools nor Megan's parents would help in the matter of the horrible little Megan. So fake or real Lori Drew did what she had to do. She set up the MySpace to teach Megan a lesson, to give Megan a dose of her own medicine.
Megan Had it Coming said...

Neither can I, but you get my point. If Megan had simply not chosen to kill herself, this would be a non-story. Another case of a bully getting what's coming to him/her. That's why I named this blog the way I did. My part was to teach a bully a lesson. Megan's part was to kill herself for some unknown reason that I'm unfairly being blamed for.
The person who wrote the diatribe was believable as someone who was angry over the "alleged" treatment of her daughter at the "monster" Megan's hands. This led readers to actually believe this story about Megan. Many wrote that even though "Megan was bully" Lori had no right to act like one too. Thus buying into the story that Megan was, indeed, a bully.
Any stories about Megan being a bully and monster have come from a very unreliable source.
Megan Had It Coming said...

I disagree. You weren't there, and you couldn't have known what my daughter went through. This was much much more than two kids having a falling out. My daughter cried over this many times, and was wounded deeply by Megan's theater of attack. And when I found out that Megan was up to her old tricks, she stopped being an innocent 13 year old in my eyes. Megan was a predator and I treated her as such.
Unless you were in my shoes you can't know what it was like. So take your judgment elsewhere because it doesn't work here.
The person who claimed they were "Lori Drew" hung in there and shot back replies to comments. Telling the readers that they had no idea what Lori and her daughter went through. This part was convincing. Someone knew how to mimic a mother's concern for her child.
Megan Had it Coming said...
How old was your daughter? Was she part of the popular crowd? Did she even have to deal with school-wide shame?
You're not even in the same league as what my daughter almost went through. Burn in hell yourself, bitch. [1]
The readers reacted to the "Lori Drew" statement of "innocence" in the manner of the MySpace hoax and Megan's suicide. "Despicable, monster, bitch, and more, much more." Many wrote that they knew the site was most likely a hoax but also took the opportunity to write their "thoughts" about Lori, to Lori, on the blog. And whoever set up that site was one sick f#$#k.

The fake or real Lori, at this point no one knows for sure who this person is, whoever they are, they know enough details about this case to get by, played the part well. The "angry" mother who wanted to teach Megan a lesson about bullying. The claim that the police report was wrong, the fault of the police. This was the real Lori Drew's contention too. The police report, now in the public domain, told the tale of a woman, Lori Drew, distraught over the treatment by the Meiers after Megan's suicide and her "anger" that they would not "meet" with her to "learn the truth" about what happened. How Lori had set up a fake MySpace account, how it had gotten "sexual." It's no wonder Drew now claims the police report is wrong because it damns Lori. It's the opposite of what Lori Drew's attorney and the St. Charles prosecutor claimed to of happened, of Lori's "participation" being only peripheral.

The fake or real Lori bemoans that she acted as a "responsible" parent and when the commenters chided her she slapped them down, telling one to burn in hell. She grew impatient with the readers inability to "understand" why she had to do what she did to Megan. Megan's suicide had nothing, nothing to do with her. Blame Megan's mother, it said. Blame Megan's medication. Megan was a bully. Megan was going to humiliate my daughter. God, you people are morons.
Megan Had It Coming said... YOU PEOPLE STILL ARENT LISTENING!!!!! [1]
The outrage from the readers was understandable. The comments about this person, whoever they are, being a sociopath, spot on.

And so, 48 hours after the authorities said they were investigating this blog, it's still there, open for business. We wondered, since the person who wrote the blog claims they are Lori Drew, and the real Lori Drew claims she is not involved, then why hasn't the blog owners, Bloggers, closed it down? After all it fits their criteria, of impersonation. The blog has been brought to the attention of the owners, Bloggers, to the cops, to Lori Drew, to the county prosecutor, to the news organizations. And yet, it still rolls on, collecting comment after comment.

We want to know who is behind this blog, specifically, that it is not Lori Drew. We want to know how the blog has managed to keep going even though it fits 3 out of 4 of the criteria as an offensive blog according to Bloggers, the ones who gave this site out to "Megan Had It Coming."

Megan Had it Coming said...

You don't know that. Nobody knows why Megan took her life that night except Megan. Was it MySpace? Was it the boyfriend? Was it the medication? Was it something else?

You can't put the responsibility or the blame on me when you can't verify or possibly know what was going through Megan's head that night.

I'm getting really tired of defending this point over and over. Please, people, just get it. [1]
Source - 1 -Megan Had It Coming

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