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Republican Presidential Candidates: 2008 Astrology Predictions

We decided to look up the 2008 astrological forecasts of the Republican Presidential race front runners.

Rudy Giuliani

From Astrofuture Trends:

Astrologer Phillip Brown, M.A. writes that Giuliani has a Mars-Pluto power conjunction in Leo and a Sun-Uranus conjunction in Gemini (see horoscope, although his birth time is not known so we can’t know his Ascendant or any of the house cusps). The conjunction of the Sun and Uranus does show his potential for strong leadership in emergency situations, although many of his 9/11 actions have since been inflated by him or have been called into question. Saturn will be squaring Giuliani’s Sun-Uranus conjunction during the February state primaries, so his candidacy may begin to dim around that time.

Mitt Romney:

From Accumind:

Uranus is leaving the 10th house of career, moving in on his sun - which could bring some sudden changes in April and August of 2008, but Neptune moves thru the 10th of career - not indicative of high public office.

Source - Alabe

Fred Thompson

From Circles Of Flight:

Thompson made his announcement just as transiting Pluto was turning direct while trine his Leo Sun. Progressing his chart reveals the strong role Jeri plays in this campaign, since his progressed Juno was exactly (to-the-minute) conjunct his Moon. Over the next few months, as transiting Pluto approaches the square to his Neptune, he will be challenged to better define his agenda, to get specific about his policy proposals.

Huckabee Natal Chart [Star IQ]

Mike Huckabee

Although Mike Huckabee was born with his Sun in self-effacing Virgo (August 24, 1955; Hope, Arkansas; time unknown), his Venus-Mars-Pluto triple conjunction in late Leo adds plenty of confident, mission-oriented optimism to his candidacy, with Venus providing the folksy, likeable, Southern charm. Over the last few months of his spectacular rise, slow-moving Pluto has been favorably trine his triple conjunction in Leo.

Huckabee's Jupiter in Leo is exceptionally significant in his natal chart with its close square to Saturn in Scorpio. In the religious sense, it's about knowing the difference between living faith and dead ritual. In the current campaign, Huckabee has gone from no hope (Saturn) to potential winner (Jupiter). Next week, Jupiter enters Capricorn and trines his Virgo Sun just before the Iowa caucus on January 3, a very promising sign.

In terms of his connection with the American people, his progressed Jupiter at 25ยบ Leo opposes the U.S. Moon**, so that he taps into the religious faction, including the 40 percent of Iowa Republicans who call themselves evangelicals. As transiting Jupiter moves deeper into Capricorn, Huckabee's strength will probably wane, unless he can broaden his appeal. However, with Pluto entering Capricorn and trining his Sun, he may remain as a power-broker within the GOP, a king-maker representing the religious right. Source - Star IQ - Jupiter-Pluto Lifts Mike Huckabee

Ron Earnest Paul

From Nafella:

Since we cannot find Paul's time of birth we are unable to get a natal chart.

According to Wikipedia, Ron Paul was born in Greentree, Pennsylvania on August 20, 1935. Since no birth time is provided, we will make do with a Moon sign horoscope and not consider the position of the horizon (Ascendant) at the time of birth.

This is what we can see in his birth chart:

Mars retrograde in Gemini between now and end of January 2008 will give him considerable momentum towards achieving his objective. Mars moves out of Gemini towards the end of April. By mid May we will know how far Mars has carried him.

Saturn in Leo is not very helpful. It goes retrograde on December 20th and remains so until early May 2008. His campaign will face strong opposition from the establishment, which will work behind the scenes to put a stop to his campaign.

The net of all this is that Ron Paul will have Jupiter (intellect) and Mars (passion) working strongly in his favor, with Saturn (establishment) working hard to bring him down between mid December 2007 and mid May 2008. If his campaign (of intelligent and passionate people) is still holding strong towards the end of May 2008, we may see some very interesting and surpising times in the campaign for rest of 2008! Source - Nafella
There you go, astrological predictions for the Republicans.

Next up, the Democrats.


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