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Rielle Hunter, John Edwards Love Child Scandal: Who is Rielle Hunter?

"...Formerly hard-partying girl"

"...lingers over the former senator's behind
as he tucks a starched white shirt into his pants"

Who is Rielle Hunter? Why is she in the news?

Could the National Enquirer be wrong?

Do photos lie?

A look at the 6-month pregnant woman behind the National Enquirer John Edwards sex scandal.

One of the wonderful things about the Internet is that rumors and scandal take on a life of their own. No one even needs to report anything! Once a story is out there, it's fair game for everyone else to repeat it, often under the guise of media analysis. The story starts at the bottom of the food chain of credibility. Bloggers and tabloid outlets egg each other incrementally on, until eventually more serious outlets pick it up.

We may be about to leave the early stages of such a cycle with the growing scrutiny into the professional relationship between John Edwards and a woman named Rielle Hunter, a.k.a. Lisa Druck, who produced films for his One America prepresidential campaign. Ann Coulter is even involved! The following timeline details the anatomy of an innuendo, including a few steps into the perhaps inevitable future.

--John Edwards' Docudrama: Anatomy of Innuendo October 2007 - NYMag

"I Did Not Cheat On My Sick Wife" swears Edwards
--Jossip November 2007

Love Child a Product of Video Production?


Some are saying HRC is behind this scandal because of rumors that Clinton cronies own the Enquirer.

We say that the rumors have been swirling around the Rielle Hunter (Lisa Druck) - John Edwards connection for months. And from sources not normally friendly to the Clintons.

This is odd, because I'm pretty sure the Enquirer is controlled by Clinton cronies... Odd, because if I am right about that, this will be pinned on the Clintons, whether they want it to be or not.

"I don't see how this helps her, but in their minds, they must think they pick up most of Edwards' current supporters."
--A Clinton Link to the John Edwards Love Child Scandal?

Granted, from some of the past documented Clinton behavior, it's easy to see how charges of the Clintons being behind this can be posited.

But, Hillary didn't drug Edwards and then forcibly impregnate Hunter while he was unconscious.

Just a thought...

Little Baby Ginn's Edwards' Alleged Love Child Scandal:Clintons Orchestrated Rumor?

Who is the "formerly hard-partying girl who claims that she found enlightenment" who met John Edwards in a bar and was paid six digits by the campaign to make videos of him that "lingers over the former senator's behind as he tucks a starched white shirt into his pants," and why is the campaign suddenly hiding the webvideos she made of Edwards on questionable legal grounds? Mickey Kaus is curious after reading this Sam Stein post. Separately, Garance Franke-Ruta notes the irony of Edwards stumping the SEIU for votes and donations on the leftist union's "Lobby Day."
--John Edwards and Rielle Hunter September 2007 - Overlawyered

"...wannabe actress/producer"

Rielle Hunter, wannabe actress/producer (aspiring double threat!), was paid $114,461 by Edwards’ One America Committee to produce a series of “webisodes” introducing people to the casual, “authentic” John Edwards. Why they picked this lady to make these videos is unclear — she really didn’t have much experience doing anything beyond being, in the words of Jay McInerney, “an ostensibly jaded, cocaine-addled, sexually voracious 20-year old.” That was a couple years ago, though. Now she’s a 44-year-old former all of those things, and a weirdo new agey spiritualist flake, according to her website.

--Did John Edwards Sleep with this Lady? October 2007 - Wonkette

"Formerly, Hunter was known as Lisa Druck..."

The way I remember it, I first met Rielle Hunter in a nightclub called Nells in early 1987, although the circumstances of our first meeting seem to be in dispute. In my defense I can only say that events of that decade are not always as clearly etched in memory as we might wish, and neither of us was living a very sober or reflective life back then. At that time Rielle’s name was Lisa Druck, and when she wasn’t out at nightclubs she was taking acting classes. We dated for only a few months, but in that period I spent a lot of time with Lisa and her friends, whose behavior intrigued and appalled me to such an extent that I ended up basing a novel on the experience. The novel was called Story of My Life, and it was narrated in the first person from the point of view of an ostensibly jaded, cocaine- addled, sexually voracious 20-year-old who was, shall we say, inspired by Lisa. I certainly thought of Alison Poole as a sympathetic and ultimately endearing character. One of her most striking traits was her obsession with truth-telling and her horror of being lied to, something that I certainly took directly from Lisa. When Lisa moved to Calfornia and got married I lost track of her, though I was reminded of her whenever someone would ask me, at book signings and lectures, what I imagined happened to Alison Poole after the book ended — whether I saw her as turning her life around or not. Through the grapevine I picked up occasional reports from the West Coast. I heard that Lisa had changed her name to Rielle, that she’d gotten divorced, and that she was increasingly engaged in various spiritual quests which she attempted to explain to me when I finally ran into her; all I could tell for certain was that she was a far happier person than I remembered. Recently she returned to Manhattan and one sunny afternoon in Washington Square Park, attempted to enlighten me on the subject of her own enlightenment.

---Rielle Hunter, aka Lisa Druck, Contact Us October 2007 - Big Head DC

Who is Rielle Hunter?

The pieces are falling in place.

And the Edwards campaign looks like it doesn't have enough fingers to put in all the holes in this dike.

by Mondoreb
[image: NYMag;nationalenquirer;drudge;nationalenquirer]
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John Edwards Shared More Than the Shampoo With Rielle Hunter


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