Saturday, December 8, 2007

"Sharia" Medical Center to Open In Moscow

The first ever medical center specifically built to treat Muslims in Russia according to Muslim custom or "Sharia Law" is expected to open soon in Moscow.
The centre has been organized according to cultural values of Islam, its demands and peculiarities.
The main difference from the usual clinic is that there are male doctors for male patients and female specialists for female patients. The personnel clothing meets the standards of Shariah laws: a Muslim doctor would be dressed from head to foot. Only hands are allowed to be bare, whereas women are supposed to wear hijabs. It will be allowed to prescribe only alcohol-free drugs.
There are special rooms in the new clinic for ablution and prayers (with a dividing screen for men and women). There is also a halal refreshment room, where food does not contain animal fat. Vegetable oil is used instead of butter. Food should also contain no alcohol - its consumption is forbidden by Islam. It is generally believed that Muslims pay much attention to their food, as these requirements are given by Allah whom they honour and respect.

The doctors in the Muslim clinic will have special qualifications. They will approach every patient according to Quran, the Holy Book for all Muslims. [1]
For those who are strict adherents of the Muslim faith this type of facility is needed as it lessens the stress of worrying if one is breaking one's religious vows.

According the article the doctors at the center will also be providing care to non-Muslims.

Source - Pravda - Hospital for Muslim patients to open in Moscow



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