Thursday, December 20, 2007

Yet Another Award: DBKP Snags Nifty "White Supremacist" Honors

An Example of The Power of Prayer

And we're not even trying!

What Hard Work and a Little Luck Can Accomplish

DBKP has landed yet another award.

This time, it's the coveted "White Supremacist" label from Newshounds, that thoughtful site that "Watches Fox So You Don't Have To".

We're humbled and honored.

We didn't have a speech prepared or anything. We hope "Ellen" will accept our grateful "thank you" and not hold our present tongue-tied state against us.

Newshounds * White Supremacist
2007 Award Winner

Hard to put a price on

Our winning entry "Fake Liberal Outrage: The Rehabilitation of Duane 'Dog' Chapman" featured excerpts from the one-and-only Snoop, from Political Party Poop.

As we said then, Snoop's "More Fake Liberal Outrage: The Rehabilitation of Duane Dog Chapman" was powerful. But we had no idea it would garner us these accolades.

The judge ("Ellen") was more than kind in her remarks.
Ellen Not Too Popular With The White Supremacist Crowd
Reported by Ellen - Thu 2:43 AM

It takes a special person to attack me for questioning Roy Innis' recent record while making an "n-word" joke as the visual focus of the same post.

Accepting our award from Ellen

We relayed the exciting information to Snoop, but we haven't heard back from him yet. We know he'll be as excited as us, we imagine.

We tried to reach him, but were told that he was busy burning a cross in his own front yard.

But everyone else we knew was as pleased as we were at the honor.

Thanks, Ellen!

To commemorate the event, we've decided we're not going to watch Fox today. We're going to let "Ellen" do it and tell us what to think.

Our favorite is "The Simpsons"; we're really hoping she's covering that.

Thank you, Ellen!

Most of "Ellen's" readers agreed.
I wonder if Bill the bigot will put this site(death by 1000 papercuts) on his show as an example of the right wing hate sites? Oh yea, according to Bill there are no reich wing hate sites.But Kowboy Klannity Kostello and Roy Innis will probably love this site.--Kid Funadelic

watch out ellen - that guy is going to unleash a blogswarm and send both of his readers over here to dirty up this thread.--english teacher

well, the hate and anger that's probably eating him up inside may very well be killing him.--J Koenig

Ellen, Congratulations on your enemies.
When I went to the site my "Phishing" alarm went off. Just wanted to give the heads up.--DB

Then note the PPP website, that is not even close to a website that a civil rights advocate would run. I'm not sure what it is, except apparently some guy blogging when nobody is listening -- the largest comments on a single thing was 5 (about Ellen's post and all conservative), most are 0 or 1. How long did it take them to find a black man willing to speak out on this issue?--radmod

Talk about racist and biased! Read through ramrods post here and it smacks you down with lines such as: This Innis character is exactly that. A black man, I presume, who originally began fighting for civil rights and now fights for himself and conservative causes, not for civil rights.

First ramrod doesn't know if this person is white, black or asian. But that doesn't stop him from going to the next lie, ramrod interjects that this person does not fight for civil rights but his own. You know, kind of like Jesse Jackson & Son.
Ramrod doesn't know tihis persons ethnicity but he wants you to think that this person is dishonest!
You read and YOU decide!--Skyclad
How'd that one get on there?
After reading this, I'm glad I didn't bother to even look at that site. They'll get no eyeball time from me. That's what racists and deniers of racism/bigotry deserve - nothing.--Satan

Thanks, guys!

Okay, after all the excitement, it's kinda hard to go back to our regular routine: there's hoods and sheets that need taken to the cleaners, stereotypes to be perpetuated, clenched fist salutes to practice.

Next time someone is complaining about "too much work and not enough time", this award will remind them of what can happen, with a little luck and a lot of hard work.

It makes it all worthwhile.

Another clever service for today's on-the-go liberal

by Mondoreb
Source: Ellen Not Too Popular with White Supremacist Crowd


Death by 1000 Papercuts Front Page.

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