Saturday, January 12, 2008

2008 Presidential Candidates: Snapshots From Their Past

We brought out the old family photo albums, when our 2008 Presidential hopefuls were young, earnest, and the Oval Office just a glint in their eye...

Dennis Kucinich, Mayor of Cleveland
1978 Recall Election
Source - The Inscription

Ron Paul & Ronnie Reagan
Source - Of Noble Character

Mitt Romney & Ann Davies March 21st, 1969
Source - peteykins

Mike Huckabee 1973
Hope High School
Source - Chicago Tribune

John (Johnny?) Edwards
North Moore High School
Source - First Friday

Fred Thompson and 1st wife, Sarah Lindsey
Source - Daily Mail

Barack (Barry) Obama 1979
Source - The Stranger

Midshipman McCain, with his father in 1956,
carried on a family tradition of Navy service
Source - Time, Inc.

Rudy Giuliani Hair Montage
Source - voteforbreakfast

Fresh faced Hillary Rodham (Clinton)
Source - 2x4misc.


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