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Astrological Look at the 2008 Presidential Election

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Astrologer Beth Turnage from Astrology Explored looks at which issues will affect the 2008 Presidential Election.

Beth explores not the candidates but the astrology or "chart" of the United States and which issues or themes the voting public will consider important when casting their ballot this coming November.

Soundbite 2008: Make America Great Again
by Beth Turnage

The candidates are thrashing out positioning,and we hear a bit about what these candidates stand for. But the real plank building won’t be hashed out until the conventions, where the party bosses gather and put together the themes that they think will play out well with the
American public.

A progessed chart represents the evolution of the entity involved. Looking at the progessed chart of the United States,we see what the American public is most concerned with at this time. Looking at the progressions, the transits and the natal chart of The United States, the campaign issues that will strike a chord with the American public has to do with personal security needs. We want to see America fulfill the American dream. We want to “Make America Great Again”.

The Economy

Our progressed Moon, representing security issues, is in tension aspect to our progessed Mercury, which represents communications as well as commerce. Though we keep hearing that the economy is OK, via progressed moon trine to progressed Venus, the planet of money, the truth is that that Venus is in tension aspect to our progressed Mars. As Jupiter in its travels in the heavens (transit) challenges that Mars in late February a serious correction in the markets fuels fears over a worsening economy.

Civil Rights

As the economy worsens and the strains the purchasing power of the American public, civil rights will see more forcus than in previous years. This is because the Middle Class, squeezed by financial pressures now see themselves as the underdog in need of protection. As this issue heats up, fueled by progressed Mars trine the progressed Moon, look for all sorts of issues from immigration to affirmative action bubble and churn.

Health Care

Though Hillary couldn’t get a rise out of anyone but her husband when it came to Universal Health care sixteen years ago, now the progressed Midheaven, representing our public image, touches the doorway of the natal sixth house, representing health. The cost of health care has risen above the average American’s ability to pay and corporate American has all but abrogated their responsibility to their workers to help pay it. This issue is now has more teeth than previous years.

National Security

In the birth chart of the United States, there is a configuration called a yod. This configuration is called “The Finger of God”promoting a sense of Manifest Destiny in the areas that yod touches. In the case of the United States, the yod is composed of the Moon, which represents security needs, Neptune, the planet of illusions and Mercury, the planet of communications. Our moon is in the sign of Aquarius, whose keyword is freedom. It is no accident that when we go to war it is under the mantle of bringing “freedom to the oppressed”.

Our progessed Mars is in Gemini, representing a war on two fronts, which are of course, Afghanistan and Iraq. Mars in the heavens is a little ahead of this position, but at the same time retrograding back towards it. With transiting Mars ahead of the progressed Mars, there is a sense that we are “done” with the idea of war, but with it pulling back to the progressed position, we aren’t “done” yet. Though there is harmonious connection with the progressed Mercury, giving us glorious reports of our “successes” in Iraq, the truth is that there isn’t enough money to give us the kind of turn around we are looking for. We are not doing as well as we are lead to believe. However, with nothing by transit touching the natal Moon, this isn’t going to be as big as issue as it probably should be. Source - Astrology Explored

Beth sees the main themes or issues of voters this coming November will be those that deal with "personal security."

Beth predicts in late February a "correction" in the markets which will fuel fears of a worsening economy.

Civil Rights such as immigration and affirmative action will come into sharp focus as well as Health Care and National Security. The public will believe the recent "stability" in Iraq and Afghanistan signals the United States involvement is coming to an end. Beth writes this is merely a "lull," that our involvement in these conflicts is nowhere near an end.

The last election saw the public concerned with terrorism, this election, the public, as Beth has pointed out, is more concerned with their own or "personal" concerns. How this translates into who will be elected on November 4th will be the candidate whom the public feels can deal the most effectively with these issues.

As Beth wrote, Americans want to "make America great again."


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