Monday, January 21, 2008

Mitt Romney and Homosexuals

A Question for Mittens

A Tale from the Blancasphere

A Reagan conservative should be wary of Mitt Romney. A fiscal conservative should be suspicious of Mitt Romney. A social conservative should be frightened of Mitt Romney.

During his governorship in Massachusetts, he raised taxes. Under his leadership, the state began a dangerous foray into socialized medicine. While he captained the ship of state, Republicans saw a continuing erosion of their power in the state legislature to the point that any conservative in the state of Massachusetts must truly think they have the Madness of King George when going to the bathroom.

Take that Dennis Miller!

See I can make obscure references, too.

But the most disturbing development during Mitt's time in the governor's mansion in Boston was the legalization of gay marriage. At a time when most of the states of the union were shunning gays, trying to force them back in the closet and take away their civil rights, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts not only legitimized gay marriage but codified it, by first permitting, and then sanctifying gay unions.

And while Mittens tried to keep gays from outside of the Bay State from enjoying these perverted rights by using a little known law designed to keep interracial marriages, he did nothing to actually stop the practice. In fact it appeared he quietly accepted it.

To those outside New England this may all come as surprise for a devout Mormon, a religion, which frowns not only on gay marriage, but also on interracial marriage, and even as recently as 1978, did not permit blacks into Heaven.

But to anyone from Massachusetts, Mittens has been no stranger to the gays. He once campaigned on a pledge that he would be a greater friend to the gays than Edward Kennedy.

And this is where all Republicans should be concerned. For the last seven years we have suffered through an encroachment onto our civil rights, by a society becoming ever more accepting of gays.

This brings us to the edge of a slippery slope. If we suddenly grant gays civil rights, then who will want them next? Blacks? Jews? Women? My friend, I could not live in a nation like that. Tolerance is so anti-Republican.

While we have had a super friend in the White House for these seven years, helping to stem the tide of tolerance and acceptance, we have had a silent enemy, who has secretly schemed against us in the Naval Observatory. And it is no coincidence that he has a lesbian daughter.

Dick Cheney has attempted to undermine all the hard work Commander Guy has done to stop the nation's slide to Sodom and Gomorrah, and he has done this on behalf of his daughter. In fact, during these seven years, the number of homos in the Cheney clan has grown by one, with the birth of a baby boy to Mary Cheney.

Social conservatives should not fool themselves. A Romney Presidency would bring a continuation of this tolerance. You see Mittens has a personal stake in the struggle of gay rights, just like Dick Cheney.

One of Mitt's sons, Craig, is gay, and his father will stop at nothing to help his son live the lifestyle. In fact, Mr. Magic Underpants wants to give Craig a present, a present of national gay marriage.

And before you know it, we will have gay people living next door to you, making house payments, buying cars, mowing the lawn, owning pets, and having children. How horrifying! I mean, we had to accept all those Negroes thanks to LBJ, but I'll be damned if we have to accept all these homos.

So if you are a conservative in any of the states, which have not yet voted in the primaries, please think twice before casting a vote for Mittens. Because a vote for Mittens is a vote for gays: gay marriage, gay cars, gay mortgages, gay lawn mowers, and gay picket fences.

You have the power to stop this. If you attend a Mittens rally, just ask him this one question: how can we trust you to uphold traditional marriage, when you couldn't even raise your own son right? And if he denies the allegations, that just makes them all the more true.

Remember Ted Haggard, Mark Foley, and Larry Craig all denied they were gay before their bathroom toe tapping, male prostitute seeing, and underage boy stalking behavior was made public. The future of our nation is in your hands.

Take action now, before it's too late.

by Blanca DeBree
[image: blancadebree]
Source: A Question for Mittens

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