Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Slingshots, Liquor and Tigers: SF Zoo Expected to Discourage Similar Activities in Future

More Proof of a Bad Idea

Christmas won't be the same for Dhaliwal Brothers

Here kitty...

Another Christmas idea we'll see less of as time passes.

According to a source, the two surviving brothers injured in the San Francisco Zoo tiger attack had an empty vodka bottle in their car.

The News came from the New York Post.

What better way to get ready for a day at the zoo?

According to the Post, "An empty vodka bottle was also found in a car used by Amritpal Dhaliwal, 19, and his brother, Kulbir, 23, on the day of the mauling, which left 17-year-old Carlos Sousa Jr. dead, according to the source."

"The discoveries could be an indication that the brothers may have taunted the 350-pound Siberian tiger before it leapt from its grotto."

Taunting is never a good idea, whether babies or tigers.

Although cops and other authorities in the Christmas Day tiger attack have repeatedly stated that they believe no taunting of the tiger occurred, this latest news should cast some doubt on that thesis.

According to information obtained by DBKP, one of the brothers wrote on his MySpace page right before he left for the zoo that he was feeling "high".

According to other sources at DBKP, splitting a bottle of vodka could have contributed to the youth's feeling "high".

Just the thing for putting a spring in the step of a Siberian tiger.

So we have "high" teens, with vodka and slingshots,looking for something interesting to do on a Christmas Day. Plus one tiger wall that was several feet--by best estimates--too low to prevent a fully motivated tiger from leaping over it.

Sounds like a recipe for an attack at a zoo that left one teen dead and two others wounded.
The brothers have not commented since they left a hospital Saturday.

When the zoo opens tomorrow, the tigers will not be on display, as officials work to ensure that their enclosure is safe.

Tigers are more social if not taunted

Regardless of what happened during the attack and the subsequent closing of the tiger exhibit, the power of love cannot be stopped. The Post also reported that special arrangements were made to accommodate one couple.

"Meanwhile, an unidentified couple was allowed to hold their wedding at the zoo last night under tight security. Guests had to clear special checkpoints."

Like most weddings, we'd guess that there may have been after-wedding festivities.

Many such post-wedding activities feature alcoholic drinks, including vodka.

No word as to whether any of the wedding party had slingshots.

by Mondoreb
[image: protigil; photobucket; slingshotdepot; tabu-vodka]
Source: Tiger Brothers Had Slingshots


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