Monday, January 14, 2008

Terrell Owens: There is No Crying in Football

Is There?

The Dallas Cowboys were upset by the NY Giants last night and Terrell Owens was upset afterwards.

The Dallas wide receiver was obviously on edge emotionally following the game.

First, the video of the after game press conference.

"It's not fair!"

"It's not fair!"

Some said that it was the Jessica Simpson impersonator, pictured below, that had Owens so upset.

As the AP said so succintly.
Tony Romo can go wherever he wants with Jessica Simpson now. Eli Manning and the New York Giants knocked him and the Dallas Cowboys into the offseason Sunday. Having to wait out long, slow drives by Dallas, Manning made his few chances count, throwing two touchdown passes to Amani Toomer and getting a 1-yard touchdown run from Brandon Jacobs for a 21-17 victory that put New York into the NFC championship game for the first time since the 2000 season.

More Romo-Simpson Smack from egossip:
Jessica Simpson avoided her boyfriend's big game last night so she wouldn't be blamed if the Cowboys happened to lose, but that didn't stop the New York Post from hiring a Simpson lookalike to throw off Tony Romo's game.

Lynsey Nordstrom, an aspiring makeup artist who happens to look a lot like Ms. Simpson, was approached by the New York Post to act as the 27-year-old singer at last night's game against the New York Giants.

It wasn't a Hillary Clinton press conference, but there was a plant, nonetheless.

What ever the reason, T.O. was teary and he's bound to hear about it for quite some time.

Actually, the Giants got some digs in last night.
You stumble upon an occasional opponent that delights in hurling barbs.

You come across a team that will take childish glee in twisting the verbal knife in a vanquished foe.

Not the New York Giants. This team has too much class to rub it in.

But they do have condiments for all who haven't had a chance to finish Terrell Owens' favorite snack.

"All I know is we have some butter and salt for all that popcorn everyone is trying to eat," New York linebacker Antonio Pierce said.

How considerate.

The Giants didn't rip all the Cowboys after Sunday's victory at Texas Stadium. Oh, there were a few comments about New York's poise in the fourth quarter, enough to let you know that they felt the Cowboys lost theirs. And there were the obligatory comments about not jumping on the Giants bandwagon now if you weren't already on board.

A few things that might have been missed:

1 Giants DB Aaron Ross left with a right shoulder injury.

2 Toomer's first touchdown was his longest since a 77-yarder on Nov. 30, 2003. It also gave him the most postseason receptions in club history, passing Mark Bavaro.

3 There were plenty of interesting signs, including a teenager holding one that read: "I wish I was in Mexico with Jessica."

4 A few more: "Dump Jessica," and, "Hey, Tony, you want a REAL Texas girl!" A changeup: "Jessica can have Tony. I (heart) Wade Phillips."

Whether Jerry Jones was hearting Wade Phillips after the game was an entirely different matter.

The loss couldn't have endeared Phillips to the Cowboy's up-and-down owner. There were even a few rumors, pre-game, that Phillips might be on thin ice. It was a lot harder to believe before the game.

Now the Giants are off to play Green Bay next week for the NFC's slot in the Super Bowl, while the Cowboys are off and then will clean out their lockers.

As Tom Hanks said in "A League of their Own": There's no crying in baseball!

But there was plenty of crying in Dallas last night.

Terrell Owens wasn't the only one doing it.

by Mondoreb
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