Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Mike Huckabee Wins Big

Jesus Does an End Zone Dance

Tales from the BlancaSphere

You may have heard all the Wednesday morning quarterbacking by now about how Super Duper Über Tuesday solved nothing, and that both political parties are now in a state of flux, with essentially a dead heat on the Democrat side and a less-than-equitable three way split on the Republican team. But what you won't hear from the mainstream media is what the Huckabee win means.

Mike started the evening early, picking up West Virginia. Mike continued his winning streak, taking Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, and Tennessee by the end of the evening. Mike Huckabee then thrilled the crowds with an amazing victory speech, recalling some widow with head lice and somebody into kinky armor sex.

Actually by the time he got to that speech, Blanca was pretty drunk already.

To tell the truth, I started pretty early yesterday. After the first race was called for John McCain I got out the 18 year old and downed it. I also drank some alcoholic drinks.

Mitt Romney started to take stock of his position today. Unfortunately Mr. Magic Underpants has decided to continue in the race.

Fortunately Mike has vowed to stay in the race as well. As the only true conservative in the race, he needs to stay in, not only to remain a thorn in the side of John McCain, but also to prevent Mittens from possibly winning the nomination.

Look, after God chose George W. Bush in 2000, I feel pretty confident his choice for 2008 is beyond reproach. As more and more people take a serious look at the three candidates left, they will see that the cream rises to the top, even if the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Oh, and please don't tell me about Paulie Sure Hates This War and Mr. Bojangles still being in the race. No one is going to vote for either Ron Paul or Mr. Hedonism Alan Keyes, anyway.

If we can keep Huckabee in the race until the convention, we may be able to pull a true upset. If Johnny doesn't go into the convention with enough delegates, there will be back room deals between the true conservatives, to take prevent him from having enough delegates.

In the end the conservatives will have to choose another candidate, and when they look at both Mittens and the Huckster, they will choose Huck.

It ain't over until the fat lady sings. I hear there are a lot of fat ladies in Pennsylvania.

by Blanca DeBree
image: blancasphere
Source: Mike Huckabee Wins Big; Jesus Does an End Zone Dance

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