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O. J Simpson's Girlfriend in ICU: Cops Investigating

Christie Prody

Was it a "fall" at a local gas station or an assault that landed OJ Simpson's longtime girlfriend, Christie Prody, in Baptist Hospital's intensive care unit with a head injury?

Simpson and Prody

Are we seeing subtle shades of "Nicole", Simpson's first wife? The woman who ended up with her throat slit on her front porch in the summer of 1995? A woman whose diaries of OJ battering and stalking her and photos of her with a beaten to a pulp face were not allowed in OJ Simpson's trial?

OJ Simpson and Nicole Brown Simpson

Nicole and O.J. separated in early 1992 and were divorced on October 15, 1992. Nicole cited abuse and adultery. In her diary, Nicole wrote that the domestic violence began in 1977. "by the time of the murder trial in 1995, the Los Angeles prosecution had compiled a list of his abusive behavior which contained 62 separate incidents of physical and mental mistreatment, in addition to numerous threats and examples of control manipulation he had carried out."
Source: Thomas L. Jones,, "Ordinary People" Source -
The Miami Herald spoke with Simpson over the phone about Prody's mishap, a "slip and fall" at a southwest Miami-Dade gas station Monday night.

According to the Herald, Simpson is upset over allegations from the National Enquirer Online that Prody might not have "accidentally slipped" but may of been assaulted instead:
O.J. Simpson's long-time girlfriend has severe injuries that are consistent with an assault, rather than simply a fall, The NATIONAL ENQUIRER has learned exclusively.

Christie Prody, 32, remains hospitalized at Baptist Memorial Hospital in Miami and may be facing brain surgery. The NATIONAL ENQUIRER broke the story yesterday of Prody's injuries and revealed that O.J. was questioned by police detectives at his home in Florida. The police are still investigating.
Simpson took the opportunity in the police report to talk about Prody's prolific drinking while on recent trip to San Antontio, Texas, stating that his girlfriend was unable to fly back with Simpson due to being "heavily intoxicated" and a "problem with the dog." But Simpson went on to reiterate what a "great" girl Prody was:
''We've gone together on and off for a lot of years,'' Simpson said Wednesday. ``She's a great girl.''
According to the Herald the police have been called to the Simpson-Prody residence a total of five times in the last seven years due to altercations between the couple. Neither has pressed charges.

Simpson met Prody in Los Angeles where she worked as a waitress and after he was acquitted in the murder charges in the horrific slashing murders of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend Ron Goldman in the summer of 1995.

According to the Enquirer, Prody's injuries do not match up with a "slip and fall" as she had "large abrasions and bruising on her face, arms, legs and buttocks." She remains in intensive care while Simpson claims she fell down while being drunk. Simpson also claims he wasn't there. No word yet if there were any witnesses to Prody's "accident" at the gas station.

Simpson is out on bail and awaiting trial in Los Vegas where he stands charged with armed robbery and kidnapping charges from a previous incident over sports memorbilia.

Andrea Dworkin wrote in an article in the Los Angeles Times in 1995 about Nicole Brown Simpson's attempts to get away from Simpson:

"I'm scared," Nicole Brown told her mother a few months before she was killed. "I go to the gas station, he's there. I go to the Payless Shoe Store, and he's there. I'm driving, and he's behind me."

None of what Nicole wrote in her diary of her treatment at the hands of Simpson was allowed in the double-murder trial. Andrea wrote after Nicole's death some of what Nicole had either told others or written in her diary:
What dignity is there, after all, in confessing, as Nicole did in her diary, that O.J. started beating her on a street in New York and, in their hotel room, "continued to beat me for hours as I kept crawling for the door." He kept hitting her while sexually using her, which is rape--because no meaningful consent is possible or plausible in the context of this violence.
At the time of the murders of Nicole and her young friend, Ron Goldman, OJ Simpson's persona of a man who was a good guy was still in full force. But privately, in the world that Nicole shared with OJ Simpson, was a far different man, a man out of control, a batterer and abuser:
Those of us who are not jurors have a moral obligation to listen to Nicole Simpson's words: to how O.J. Simpson locked her in a wine closet after beating her and watched TV while she begged him to let her out; to how, in a different hotel room, "O.J. threw me against the walls . . . and on the floor. Put bruises on my arm and back. The window scared me. Thought he'd throw me out." We need to hear how he "threw a fit, chased me, grabbed me, threw me into walls. Threw all my clothes out of the window into the street three floors below. Bruised me." We need to hear how he stalked her after their divorce. "Everywhere I go," she told a friend, "he shows up. I really think he is going to kill me."
We found the comments posted at the end of the Herald story to be illuminating as to the court of public opinion in regards to this latest Simpson saga tinged with mystery and perhaps, violence.

This guy will be with Bubba soon,one way or an another,he's a piece of $hit........
Posted by: big dog

Why do OJ's women always suffer gashes and slashes?
Posted by: Jim

O.J. was upset cause she had to stay behind with a MALE friend. That's what the gossip is in san antonio
Posted by: A C

Why dont people believe him? It's not like he is ever lied before.

If the boxing gloves did not fit, you MUST acquit.
Posted by: U. Gotit

Stay away from them white girls, OJ...dey bad luck.
Posted by:

Why do women get involved with these losers--gives the rest of us level-headed ones a bad rap...Geez, girl, he's a creep with a dark side and two bodies in a grave.
Posted by: EmmyC

All it takes is enough money and a shyster lawyer and you can kill anyone.
Posted by: PK

Is it me or does she look alot like the woman he killed?
Posted by:

Public support has dwindled for Simpson. It's been almost 13 years since the murders of Nicole and Ron Goldman. Simpson is now 60 years old and facing yet another trial in Las Vegas. OJ and Christie have established a history of calling up the Miami cops to referee their fights but have refused to press charges. Simpson has now publicly claimed his "love" is a falling down drunk while she recovers from a slip and fall injury in the local ICU.

Just another day in the life of O. J. Simpson.

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