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Barack Obama Astrology: A Stalking Horse Candidate?

Set up to fall?

Astrologer Beth Turnage of Astrology Explored takes a look at candidate Senator Barack Obama and his astrological chances of getting elected as the next President.

Is Barack Obama a Stalking Horse Candidate?

Last year Hillary Clinton was the front runner in the Democrat's primary race until Barack Obama surged forward with a miraculously huge war chest and a groundswell of popular support.

Does this affirm our Democratic system of electing officials or is there something more sinister behind a Junior Senator suddenly thrust into the national limelight?

Did prominent Republican businessmen contribute to Barack Obama’s fund raising campaign because they believe he is an easier target to take down in the long run?

Was he set up as a stalking horse candidate to thwart the Democrats from securing the White House? Source - The City Edition

In case you are not familiar with the term, Wikipedia defines a “stalking horse” as: “someone or something whose role is to become the focal point for, or the initiator of, a debate or challenge. In reality, however, their leadership role may be an illusion, and the stalking horse is really working to promote a challenge or debate that will benefit a third party whose identity remains a secret.”

Politics is a tough and sometimes dirty business, from the controversy over campaign fundraising, to endless probes of business associates and infinite spinning and second guessing of previous actions and political stances.

The contested Florida race in 2000 suggested dirty politics were afoot in this battleground state. We didn’t even know what a hanging chad was until Florida. The ultimate insult to democracy came when the Supreme Court, seated with many appointees of President Bush Senior, made a crucial decision that handed the presidency to George W.

Considering that twenty percent of Chicago’s business elite, most of whom are Republicans, gave to Obama’s campaign, while giving zilch to Hillary seem to support the idea that Republicans are stuffing Obama’s war chest. To be absolutely clear, there are no laws broken here, but it seems odd, to say the least that dyed in the wool Republicans suddenly find a barely tested Junior Senator as the candidate of choice. This is all the more strange because up to that point, these Republican contributors hadn’t given as much money to the party they usually support.

Let us also be clear that Hillary has received campaign contributions from traditionally Republican supporters. However, the evidence suggests that Obama has received the lion’s share of Republican dollars.

This would not be the first time the Republicans have backed a stalking horse to frustrate Democratic presidential aspirations. Ralph Nader was backed by Republican contibutors in his divisive White House run in 2004, steering votes away from John Kerry.

All the more troubling is that one of Obama's speechwriters is Ben Rhodes, the brother of Fox News VP David Rhodes.
(Marisa Guthrie, of BC Beat, reported this connection recently.) The latter Rhodes has been with the network since its inception in 1996. You may recall that on election night in November 2000, it was Fox that called Florida for Bush, even though the other networks declared Gore the winner.
And last but not least, Mr. Obama’s connections with friend and financier Tony Rezko, a Syrian immigrant whose Federal trial for business fraud and influence peddling was moved to March 3, close enough to insure that potentially damaging information to Obama would not affect the March 4 primaries.

However, what most people are not aware of, is that this letter to the United States Justice Department called for an investigation into Barack Obama’s dealings with Rezko three months before Barack Obama declared his intention to seek the Democratic nomination.

Hillary Clinton has the dubious honor of being the most vetted candidate for the office of president. She withstood a $40 million dollar attack on her character alaWhitewater. She could not be taken down. Barack Obama has yet to be tested in this manner and considering the seriousness of the charges against Mr. Rezko, could be easy pickings for a smear campaign. We’ve seen political candidates taken down for less.

Whether or not all of above amounts to a Republican conspiracy is a matter for speculation, though the clues are tantalizing. What is not a matter of speculation is Obama made the announcement for his candidacy during a Void of Course moon.

Astrology Weekly explains what happens during a Void of Course Moon:
The term VOID OF COURSE refers to the condition of the Moon between the moment it performed the last major aspect with another planet in its current sign and the moment of stepping into the next sign. . .When there are no further aspects to perform in Moon's current sign, no relevant events may happen.

Despite the rousing call for change, despite the rallies and the hero worship of this man, his candidacy was doomed from the start. Obama’s run for the White House is an astrological no go. As J. Paul Getty said, “Millionares don’t use astrology, billionares do.” Let’s just hope the next time Senator Obama runs for the White House, he consults an astrologer before he makes his announcement.

Beth writes that Obama may be what is known as a "stalking horse" candidate, as“someone or something whose role is to become the focal point for, or the initiator of, a debate or challenge. In reality, however, their leadership role may be an illusion, and the stalking horse is really working to promote a challenge or debate that will benefit a third party whose identity remains a secret."

As Beth pointed out, Republicans have been sending campaign contributions to Obama, that perhaps Obama will be easier "take down" instead of Hillary, if Obama wins the Democrat's nomination.

Beth also points out this may be a factor of the astrological significance of the day Obama announced his candidacy, that Obama chose a day that fell on a "Void of Course Moon", where "no relevant events may happen."

Only time will tell if Obama was set up as the stalking horse, his aspirations dependent upon the course of the Moon.


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