Friday, March 7, 2008

Naked Florida Man Saved from 12 ft. Gator at it Again

In a scene straight out of a horror flick, Polk City, Florida resident Adrian Apgar nearly lost his life against a 12 ft. alligator back in November of 2006 until the police arrived and saved him.

So police were surprised early Thursday when they discovered the naked man they'd found in pond in Saddle Creek Park, who claimed he'd been bitten by a snake while looking for an alligator, was the very same naked man they rescued before, Adrian Apgar.

Adrian Apgar, Clothed

It was 3:45 on a November morning of 2006 when a resident of Polk City heard the faint sound of "someone screaming" from nearby Lake Parker.

Carlos Mayid grabbed a flashlight and cell phone and then called 911 while he tracked down the origin of screams.

Mayid called out when he got close to the shore and voice answered from the murky darkness and thicket of cattails that surrounded the lake .
"I asked him what was wrong, and he said, 'A gator got me,'" Mayid said.
Polk Sheriff's Deputy Billy Osborne arrived on the scene and charged staight through the cattails and muddy water to find Apgar fifteen to twenty foot from the shore, crouched down in chest deep water. Apgar called out that a gator had him pinned, that both his arms were broken, and that another gator was nearby.

Another Deputy, Michael Parker, waded into the water until the two deputies were within a couple of feet of Apgar where they could see the gator had him in its grip. The deputies thought about shooting it, but Apgar was also in the line of fire.

After the alligator let Apgar go, then lunged in and gripped him once again, it was then that the deputies grabbed Apgar's arms and began a tug-o-war with the monster in the dark murky lake.
"He was saying, 'He's gonna kill me!'" Parker said.
After a third deputy arrived the alligator managed to pull Apgar under the water. The deputies feared the worst as they could hear Apgar's screams. At least, they thought to themselves, Apgar's still alive. Then it happened, the gator's grip loosened on Apgar and the deputies were able to pull the 250 pound man to safety.

Apgar suffered serious injuries, a nearly severed left arm, a broken right arm, lacerations to his buttocks and body.

Sheriff Grady Judd said the answer as to why Apgar was nude and in the gator infested lake on a November night was that Apgar had been smoking crack.

No word yet as to why Apgar was found Thursday by Polk County deputies in the early morning hours in yet another body of water, again nude, claiming he was bitten by a snake while looking for an alligator.

Last time, on crack, a gator found him, nearly costing him his life. This time he's being held under Florida's Baker Law, a law which allows "authorities to commit people for psychological evaluations if they appear to be a danger to themselves or others."


Image - Alligator
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