Sunday, April 20, 2008

Four Famous Cult Leaders

Leaders of four famous cults (clockwise from upper left): Jund As-Sama's leader, Ahmad al-Hasan; Charlie Manson; Jim Jones of Jonestown killer Kool-Aid fame; Al Gore, Inconvenient Troofers

cult: n. Obsessive, especially faddish, devotion to or veneration for a person, principle, or thing.

Four men who are "called to lead a special mission".

Four groups of people who insist that their leader as found the true way; either to happiness, truth, safety, or all three.

Four leaders, one method: all preach the destruction that will surely be the outcome of all who do not heed him and his One True Way.

Four leaders, four different fates: one leader is dead, one is behind bars, one man is on the run for his life and one still walks free.

25 Signs of Cult Behavior

* 1. The Guru is always right.
* 2. You are always wrong.
* 3. No Humor.
* 4. The End Justifies The Means.
* 5. Cult-speak.
* 6. Group-think, Suppression of Dissent, and Enforced Conformity in Thinking
* 7. Irrationality.
* 8. Suspension of disbelief.
* 9. Denigration of competing sects, cults, religions...
* 10. Personal attacks on critics.
* 11. Insistence that the cult is THE ONLY WAY.
* 12. The cult and its members are special.
* 13. Induction of guilt, and the use of guilt to manipulate cult members.
* 14. Unquestionable Dogma, Sacred Science, and Infallible Ideology.
* 15. Indoctrination of members.
* 16. Appeals to "holy" or "wise" authorities.
* 17. Instant Community.
* 18. Instant Intimacy.
* 19. Surrender To The Cult.
* 20. Create a sense of powerlessness, covert fear, guilt, and dependency.
* 21. Ideology Over Experience, Observation, and Logic
* 22. Grandiose existence. Bombastic, Grandiose Claims.
* 23. Enemy-making and Devaluing the Outsider
* 24. True Believers
* 25. We Have The Panacea.

When faced with cult behavior, it does little good trying to reason with the converted. No arguments, however logical, can overcome the cultist's mantra.

Things to remember the next time an environmental cultist insists that the colder temperatures are caused by Global Warming and that everyone must listen to the leader or the world will come to an end.

Forewarned is forearmed.

by Mondoreb
* The cult test
* angry arab

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