Thursday, April 17, 2008

Jimmy Carter and Hamas: "Final Peace Agreement"

Iran Hostage Crisis, Tehran, 1977

Ex-President Jimmy Carter organized a Tea Time with Terrorists when he met with Hamas officials last Tuesday at a reception in Ramallah. Carter also announced his intentions to meet with exiled Hamas political chief, Khaled Mashaal, in Damascus, Syria, on Friday. Carter met with Hamas at the West Bank, part of a series of planned meet-ups between the ex-president and Hamas officials in what he describes as discussions towards a "final peace agreement".

We decided to put together a short list of Carter's accomplishments as President: signing away the Panama Canal, signing a treaty with Soviet Russia shortly before they invaded Afghanistan, and the colossal inept bumbling of the Iran Hostage Crisis.

Ex- President Jimmy Carter lays a wreath at the tomb of Yasser Arafat, April 15, 2008

Carter defended meeting with the terrorist group Hamas, stating that their involvement was necessary for a "final peace agreement":

"Since Syria and Hamas will have to be involved in the final peace agreement, they ought to be involved in the discussions leading up to... peace."

Carter also met with Nasser al-Shaer, a senior Hamas official at a reception, organized by the Carter 's office in Ramallah. According to USA Today, al-Shaer was greeted by Carter with a hug and kisses.
He gave me a hug. We hugged each other, and it was a warm reception," Shaer told the Associated Press. "Carter asked what he can do to achieve peace between the Palestinians and Israel ... and I told him the possibility for peace is high."

While Carter is meeting up with Hamas we thought it might be fun to take a little trip down memory lane in regards to Jimmy Carter's presidency to gain a clearer perspective on Carter's proclivity for "peace" at all costs.

We begin with September, 1977, with Carter signing away the Panama Canal.

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