Friday, May 23, 2008

Buyer's Remorse: LESS Democrats Want Hillary to Drop Out

A Case of Buyer's Remorse?

Democrats seem to be having a bad case of buyer's remorse.

The number of rank-and-file Democrats that want Hillary Clinton to drop out is decreasing--even asLeftipundits, the Mainstream Media and Obamatunists grow increasingly frantic in their calls (pleas) for Hillary Clinton to bow out and let Barack Obama wrap up the anointment as Democrat nominee.

In the last several weeks, the closer the junior senator from Illinois gets to representing the Democrats in November, the more that ordinary, working Democrats have resisted the advice of their betters in the party.
As Barack Obama inches closer to formally wrapping up the Democratic Presidential Nomination, the number of Democrats who want Hillary Clinton to drop out of the race has declined. The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that just 32% of Democrats now think Clinton should withdraw from the race. That’s down from 38% who wanted her to exit the race just ten days ago. A month ago, 34% thought she should leave the race.

One of the few advantages to the endless campaign cycle is that voters have had a chance to observe the brittle-fication of Obama. It's a change from a cult leader/rock star--feeding the swaying masses a nebulous gruel smothered under a layer of peppermint-fresh government cheese to cover up the liberal stink--to an easily-offended, put-upon member of the victim class.

Apparently, Obama, the man behind the curtain, is not so nearly as attractive as the airy, above-the-political-fray candidate who announced in February 2007.

One suspects this has less to do with a sudden revelation that Hillary Clinton is a better candidate than Democrats first thought and more with a steep educational curve which has opened the eyes of the Democrat electorate.
A Rasmussen Reports analysis two weeks ago indicated that the race for the Democratic Presidential Nomination is effectively over and that Obama will be the nominee. Rasmussen Markets currently suggests that Obama has an 92.2 % chance of winning the nomination. However, the strong and committed support for Clinton means that Obama is now entering the most perilous phase of his candidacy. The way in which he resolves the challenge with Clinton could determine who wins in November.

The Rasmussen poll figures indicate that 3% of the Democrats surveyed want both Obama and Clinton to drop out. This causes two observations. First, that there may be 3% of the Democrats think neither candidate is liberal or progressive enough. Or, that 3% of the Democrats think neither candidate is conservative enough.

We call the voters of the last scenario: Republicans. That three percent could easily be the margin of victory in November.

Call it a "victory for buyer's remorse".

by Mondoreb

hat tip: Hot Air
* Fewer Democrats Want Hillary to Drop Out
* bostoncondogroup

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