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Strange Phenomena Sightings Increase Worldwide in 2013


Strange phenomena  in the sky sightings are escalating.
STRANGE PHENOMENA IN THE SKY sightings are escalating.


By any objective measure–sightings, newspaper articles, Internet reports, videos uploaded to YouTube–sightings of strange phenomena in the sky above the earth have increased over the last few years.  In 2013, these sightings exploded–especially of planets, comets, fireballs and UFOs.

(VIDEO) Best UFO Sightings December 2013 Week 1

(VIDEO) Meteor Lights up the Skies of Canada September 27, 2013

Mystery Noise In Southampton & Apocolyptic Sounds Worldwide! Is It Niburu? Earth Changes? DUMB’s? 

Video: Strange Sky Phenomena escalating worldwide – 27-minute interesting video.  Question: how many times did you read or hear of asteroids–and the newest, the ‘fireball in the sky’–almost hitting the planet before the year 2000?  Now, it seems that every few months an asteroid “almost strikes the earth.”  Every week, videos of fireballs pop up on YouTube.

Two other phenomena that have markedly increased in the last five years:

1-the appearance of UFOs “accidentally” on newscast footage.  It started with Inauguration Day 2008 and hasn’t slacked up since.  This video feature several.
2- The uploading to YouTube of videos that “ordinary people” have captured on their ever-present cellphone cameras.  Whether it is pictures/video of craft during the day or flashing lights of craft during the night, most days hundreds of new ones are uploaded to YouTube.

Particularly interesting is the image of what appeared over Ankara, Turkey (it’s at the 20:40 mark of the video).

Personally, five people that this writer knows has seen some sort of UFOs...

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Meteor shower – xedos4,

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