Saturday, February 27, 2021

dogs over people

Lots of stories that Lady GAGa's dogs were kidnapped. 

Then the FBI got involved, looking for a way to bame white supremicists for the crime, even though the robbers were later reported as appearing to be African Americans in appearance.

Then Lady GAGa offered half a million dollars for their return and voila they were returned to her.

What is missing from the story?

The dog walker was shot in the chest during the robbery...he is now hospitalized and reported to be recovering. But most stories either don't mention him, or just mention this in a single sentence.

Because the story in most of the MSM  is about Lady G being upset, not that some working class stiff got shot.

Lady G is known for her generosity, so we do hope she pays his medical bills and maybe wven gives him half a million as a reward.

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