Friday, August 31, 2007



All Democratic shills for socialized health care;
All the props at Dem Debates, whining that "nobody takes care of me";
All in Congress laboring for expanding the government's role via SCHIP.

Please refer to the following story.

A German court awarded a man 3,000 euros ($4,100) after he lost the top half of his skull because of faulty hospital equipment. The man’s skull had to be replaced with plastic because the cold storage where doctors placed the top of his head during surgery turned out to be defective.

Since the head was not kept cool enough by the faulty fridge, it could not be reattached. The man now has a plastic prosthetic skull.

He sought compensation of 20,000 euros on the grounds that the prosthesis gave him headaches, adversely affected his balance and made him extra-sensitive to the weather.

This is a perfect modern fairy tale about socialized medicine that you won't see in a Michael Moore movie. It's one reason that Canadians flock to the U.S. for many surgical procedures.

Those on the Left will complain that this is a "cherry-picked" moment: and so it is. Just as Democrats cherry-pick those poor souls who have been "left behind by the American health care system". They are the exceptions, yet they get their 15 minutes of fame carping about the injustice of it all.

The next time you see a Democratic candidate on television shilling for more government control of our health care sector, remember the story of the poor German guy. They lost the top of his head, and he got 3000 Euros. Lose your skull, collect $4100. Maybe a good deal, maybe not. Just a reminder that the battlecry of those fighting against the socialization of American health care could be:
"Dude, give me back my head!" - Bigger, Better!.
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