Friday, August 31, 2007


by Little Baby Ginn

President Bush has my sincerest sympathies on the matter of the War On Terror. I read the various comments by the 101st Keyboard Brigades how the war is “lost” because we failed to be too “ruthless.” How the war was fought with Political Correctness instead of the goal to “win.”

Then there is the other side, the ones who believe we need to fight a “kinder, gentler” war. One where we win the “hearts and minds.” So we drop soccer balls from planes and have them thrown back in our face because they have on them the flags of the world including Saudi Arabia. “How insulting, we cannot kick a graphic of the Saudi flag!”

Two weeks after we went in after Sadaam, Ted Kennedy called the Iraq War a “quagmire.” John Kerry, during his bid for the Dem Presidency, claimed we needed forty thousand more troops.

Now the support from the Right Wing has eroded for President Bush. “We weren’t ruthless enough,” and “we should have bombed the crap out of them” or "why doesn’t Bush bomb Iran?"

The Other America thinks we are “fascist oppressors” while the America to the Right thinks we’re losing the War On Terror because Bush hasn’t done nearly enough.

Here is what I think. Among the whole world, who has stood up against the terrorists? It’s Bush. He may not have waged the best war but he stood alone and spoke out against those who declared war on us and slaughtered over three thousand of our men, women, and children one day in September, 2001.

Who else has stood up and declared Islamists as our enemy? Who else has vowed to fight them while other countries slink away?

Who has had to endure the cries of thuggery and fascism while others cry he is weak and ineffectual against those who wish to dominate us? This is not a “McDonald’s Fast Food War” where if we don’t win in 15 minutes it’s over.

This is a war that will take a massive amount of resolve. It’s not for the weak nor defeatists.

Like Goldilocks,to some this war is either too hot or too cold. But the fact remains, we are in a war that will determine whether our children and grandchildren will live in fear of those who hate us because we are free. - Bigger, Better!.
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  1. One of the reasons Americans have such a problem with this war is that they are beginning to understand that all practicing Muslims are not worth fighting for.The middle ground realizes with ever greater certainty, and in spite of MSM sob stories, that Islam is a violent religion. The question then becomes, "So we have another Egypt or Jordan? They are still Muslim hellholes seething with hatred." This is the no solution mindset, and I am not sure of the cure.

  2. This is true, Pat. Another part is the failure of this administration to probably convey we are at war.

    They immediately began their "be sensitive" to Muslims here in the US because, why? some sort of "backlash?"

    There has been no backlash. There's something else going on, I'm not sure, some kind of connection between the Saudis and us.

    Half of America believes we are not at war.

  3. You should have told me! I know mondoreb, but who are your other 2 compatriots? I have been told to tell you that you have been missed in the lounge, but I know why now. And I suspect someone was rude to you, in addition. I see I made a small contribution. After all, there ain't that many classy dames in this world. Congrats, i am veru excited for you. Pat


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