Thursday, September 13, 2007

THE AL GORE SOLUTION: Should America Go Back to the Stone Age?

Should Americans embrace a lifestyle that ensures a lower carbon footprint? No cars, no TV, no computers, and no former Vice Presidents flying hither and yon emitting copious amounts of gas into the atmosphere?
The Onion examines the "go back to the Stone Age" approach.
Should Americans Return To A Simpler, Stone Age Lifestyle?

Al Gore would approve of this solution only if it involved some new regulation, taxes or control over your life.

by Mondoreb - Bigger, Better!.
Death by 1000 Papercuts Front Page.


  1. You know, the Algore solution would be right up my ally. I am a caveman. I can hunt, fish, make tools, work wood, grow gardens, navigate the wilds, make fire, and many other things that would ensure my survival. I'm not so sure Algore can make the same claim, especially when he has something the caveman desires, as there is no right or wrong, only moral equivalence, or might makes right. Careful what you wish for Al, you are ill equipped to live with primitives, I somehow don't think you've given this much thought. You might find us Cavemen hard to reason with.

    BTW, thats not my best side in the photo :)

  2. I wonder what the Gore's family Bong's carbon foot print is?

  3. Maddog..


    Finally the world is going to come to you, Caveman!

  4. pat said...

    I wonder what the Gore's family Bong's carbon foot print is?


    And yet... they never inhaled!

    Hi Pat!


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