Sunday, September 23, 2007

-All I Want For Christmas
Is a Grand Inquisition


by Mondoreb

Like Martin Luther King, Byron Williams over at Huffington Post has a dream.
We need to follow the South African government's lead under former President Nelson Mandela by assembling a courtlike body after the Bush administration leaves office, calling on key administration officials and key staff within the CIA, State Department, Pentagon, etc., to give testimony on the run-up to the Iraq war. And, like South Africa, grant immunity to those who request it prior to their testimony.
The leaves are turning colors and all a young Leftist's thoughts turn to--an Inquisition?

Williams is just no idle dreamer, however. His dream is about getting at the "truth"! It is elusive; it is a chimera. Never mind: Williams will arrive at it in due time.
We have lifted al-Qaida to the level of the former Soviet Union in terms of a threat and few can say how we arrived at a point that has us simultaneously engaging in two wars and saber rattling toward a third.
One is tempted to remind Mr. Williams that the Soviets killed almost 3000 less Americans on U.S. soil than the al-Qaida has. One might also remind Williams that wars are never fought when they are convenient or pleasing to the Left, as per Darfur. But again, never mind. He can't be bothered with idle facts: he's busy digging for the truth!
How did we become a country that goes into war touting the superiority of our ideals while engaging in similar practices that we condemn? Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib certainly blurred the lines of our perceived good and evil.
The lines are certainly blurred on the Left. Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib are equated with an organization that routinely kills women and children throughout the world on a daily basis. When one has no moral compass, the lines between what is truly good and evil are so indistinct. But don't let it be said that our hero is downcast. He ends the piece on a high note.
I would very much like to see our next president, by the second State of the Union address, stand before a joint session of Congress in the spirit of former President Ford and state: "Our long Constitutional nightmare is over!"
And so, another anti-war Leftie fantasizes: when Bushitler is gone, balance will be achieved, peace will reign and our Constitutional republic will be restored.

Byron Williams and most at the Huffington Post share this same dream. Many other Americans have a dream also. It is not the dream of B. Williams, however. It is this dream: that the Left, and all their uni-thinking fellow travelers, will one day grow a not insignificant pair of balls.

From The Huffington Post - Bigger, Better!.
Death by 1000 Papercuts Front Page.

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