Saturday, September 22, 2007

Bill Richardson at HuffPo: WHEN WAR ADS ARE ABOUT KILLERS,
--or Something Like That

[above: Democratic presidential hopeful Bill Richardson answers a question about how many U.S. troops support his candidacy.]
by Mondoreb

Democratic presidential candidate Bill Richardson was out among the people when he came to a realization: If only he were in charge, HE'd figure out the absolute quickest way to lose the Iraqi War. At least that's the spin he puts on his wide-eyed article over at the Huffington Post earlier today.
Two days ago the Senate had a chance to help get more of our soldiers home for longer periods of time -- but the measure failed. Yesterday they had a chance to set a timeline to start withdrawing troops -- but that failed too. And today, another measure that would've required a withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraq failed. Three chances to make a difference, lost. But instead of continuing to push on the most important issue facing our country right now, yesterday Congress spent their time debating and condemning a newspaper ad by an anti-war group.
Richardson apparently doesn't think there's anything wrong with groups calling the general in charge of Iraq "General Be Tray Us". U.S. commitments abroad? Forget it. American prestige in an area of the world that places a value on such things? A mere inconvenience.
Let's get some perspective here -- ads don't kill people -- wars kill people. And it is long past time to end this war.
Like Dorothy in Oz, Richardson wants the troops home. Any way possible. Even if he has to use a giant hot-air balloon and bring them all back to Kansas.
Full retreat backwards and damn the torpedoes!
It's a wonderful world that the Democratic presidential contenders inhabit: it's all warm and fuzzy, actions have no consequence, and the Jihadi lions will lay down with the Leftist lambs. Like a modern day Moses, Richardson is pleading: Let my troops go!

But sadly, there is a price to pay for a country tucking it's tail and running--even if it's the strongest in the world. Bill Richardson won't likely have to pay that price, but American companies, Americans abroad and Americans at home will. The Jihadis will soon follow the last troops out of Iraq to U.S. soil. But that's another day, another HuffPo article for Richardson.

The world does not conform to Bill Richardson's creamy, dreamy worldview. The world's a dangerous place.
No matter how many times he closes his eyes, clicks his heels and says, "I want the troops home." - Bigger, Better!.
Death by 1000 Papercuts Front Page.

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