Sunday, September 23, 2007

Blowing Our Own Horn Dept.:"INFIDEL WARRIOR BABES"

by Mondoreb

A Sunday morning is always a great time for meditation, reflection and introspection. Amongst the Carnival of the Insanities?

Death by 1000 Papercuts' very own INFIDEL WARRIOR BABES, brainchild of Little Baby Ginn, rated a mention on the Weekly Carnival of the Insantities, the weekly shout-outs by Dr. Pat Sanity.
CotI is
...the weekly insanity update, where the insane, the bizarre, the ridiculous, and the completely absurd are highlighted for all to see! This has been a week of rare idiocy (as always!). So, if you want to remain sane, the best thing is to poke some fun at the more egregious absurdities.
The IWB were pitted against the suicidal jihad janes. Anyone who's read the Babes will guess how that confrontation would turn out!

And so, in a quiet corner of the World Wide Web, a hearty band of scantily-clad jihad-fighting stars (with their trusty lizard side-kick) were born.
INFIDEL WARRIOR BABES #2 - Bigger, Better!.
Death by 1000 Papercuts Front Page.

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  1. Cool. Wonder if Dr Sanity, one of my favorite sites, knows the girls are real?


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