Thursday, September 13, 2007

Daily Cox & Forkum: Multiculturalism and Islamists

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  1. All Cultures Are Equal. Except the one we grew up with.

  2. You know the odd thing is, most Americans grew up with very different cultures. I grew up on an island, hunting, fishing, surfing, etc. But there was always the Boy Scouts, the church etc. White people, which I mostly am, were as rare as diamonds, and when we saw them, they were in the hotels, etc. No one cared, except the girls were cute. We were all Americans. My culture was very different. As was Ginn's, being raised Latina. When i went to college, I met as many kids as out of water as I was. But we were all cool. The LLLs are determined to destroy our commonality. And that will destroy this nation. Bush is an unwitting stooge in this ploy.


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